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Rod Stewart

  • (i Know) I`m Losing You

    Your love is fading I can feel your love fading Woman it`s fading away from me `Cause your personal touch has grown cold as if someone else controls your very soul I fooled myself long as I can I can feel the presence of anot...


  • The Strong One

    Ever since I was a young girl I`ve been strong for everybody else Now that I`m a little older I think it`s time I let myself Cry when I need to Be shy if I want to Don`t have to keep a smile Upon my face Chorus: I don`t want to be...

Keller Jerry

  • A Man And A Woman

    A MAN AND A WOMAN When hearts are passing in the night, in the lonely night then they must hold each other tight, oh, so very tight and take a chance that in the light, in tomorrow`s light they`ll stay together so much in love.

T. Jimmie

  • Runaway Child

    {Jimmie & Joni Thompson} 1. Abandon and forgotten By no choice of her own Born from love unwanted Toss away like a stone 2.

Kellie Coffey

  • At The End Of The Day

    (Kellie Coffey/Brett James) Throw the covers off my head Shake my body out of bed Stretch my arms up And look out the window Sun is rising birds are singing I am greeted by the gift of another new morning And I know tonight as my...

Stephanie McMahon (WWE) *

  • All Grown Up

    * actual performer who raps the lyrics is uncredited [rap] + (sung) (I`m all grown up) Now, and I listened and learned A true star and I`m finally, gettin my turn Took my L, earnt my spot I`ma be here for a minute sonny boy if you like it or not While...

T Midget Spike Lee I Hate People That

  • Shut Up

    I`m Jimmy Pop here in a jiffy heat me up and add oil I`m like a zit a wart corn a cyst a festering boil I get under your skin and I sebaceously form I`m as deep as the plot to an amateur gay porn Keep ya hungry for more like Bangl...

Big Pokey f Caretta

  • On Our Grind

    (Caretta) Ooooh, yeeah Presidential roll deep, and that`s for sho We got that M.O.B. Style, M.O.B. Style M.O.B. Style, M.O.B.

S.L.A.B. f Paul Wall, Charlie Berry

  • All I Have

    (*talking*) What`s up baby, Paul Wall I`m Slow, Loud And Bangin` baby Color Changin` Click-Clack two in your back, I`m just saying though We ain`t even much tripping on these females Like that you know I`m saying, these honey dips We...

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