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crenshaw marshall

  • cynical girl

    ** Marshall Crenshaw: Cynical Girl ** From his 1982 self titled debut album Great song that is easy to play.


  • By your Side

    [love me] I`m here for you girl for whatever you need I`ll stand by your side Girl, for you I`ll bleed Nobody else can come between you and me Only if you love me then forever we`ll be Lost in love, unconditionally But girl you gotta let me know how m...

Алена Свиридова

  • А.Свиридова

    Наш рассказ вполне серьезен Родилась в одном колхозе Расцвела подобно розе Манечка Как ни глянь - красива очень Алы губы, сини очи Косы русы, ну, короче, Манечка Маню часто награждали Парни все по ней страдали Старики ей вслед кричали: Манечка! Видят ...


  • Between All Time

    everything is like the dust on our memories - a great lie all great exspectations fade like the sun in natural harmony while we try to hold each other forever near - the shadow grows all these invisible lights we conceal will be...

Jean Jacques Smoothie

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Martina Mcbride

  • A Broken Wing

    She loved him like he was
    The last man on Earth
    Gave him everything she ever had
    He`d break her spirit down
    Then come lovin` up on her
    Give a little then take it back

    She`d tell him about her drea...


  • Back to The Primitive

    Um dois tre is quatro Back to the primitive Fuck all your politics We got our life to live The way we want to be Back to the primitive Fuck all your politics Who feels it knows it Bob marley And God will guide me B...

Willa Ford

  • All The Right Moves

    You`re makin all the right moves
    saying all the right words
    making my heart attack my brain
    I`ll never be the same
    your love is like a game
    I don`t wanna lose you now
    cuz you keep makin all the right moves

Kececigil Onur

  • Oyle Gormeylen Olmaz

    Olmaz, olmaz deme, olabilir Bakalavayi bilirim diye atip tutma Goren degil, yiyen bilir.

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