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Bow Wow f Pharrell

  • The Movement

    [Intro - Pharrell] Hah, hah, hah, hah Hah, hah, oh Lord, hah, hah [Verse 1 - Bow Wow] Young and confused, with nothin to lose But somethin` to prove, my hunger my views I use them as tools, to refuse for the sake of rebellin` Breakin the rules and yel...

Peter Frampton

  • (I`ll Give You) Money

    I don`t care where I go When I`m with you When I cry you don`t laugh Cause you know me I`m in you, you`re in me I I`m in you, you`re in me Cause you gave me the love, love that I never had Yes, she gave me the love, love that I n...

Дмитрий Кимельфельд, Владимир Семенов

  • Баллада об инфлюэнце

    Стихи Дмитрия Кимельфельда,

    Музыка Владимира Семенова

    По автобусам и даже, по автобусам и даже


    Ходит вирусного гриппа, ходит вирусного гриппа


Игорь Иванов

  • Боже, храни тебя!

    Игорь Иванов

    У ветра - нездешние запах и прыть,

    Ласкает, ничуть не любя,

    О, как мне хотелось тебя разлюбить,

    Но, Боже, храни тебя!

    Ну, а может, беси...

Savage Garden

  • A Thousand Words

    We stumble in a tangled web
    decying friendships almost died
    And hide behind a mask of lies
    We twist and turn and we aviod
    all hope and salvage now devoid
    I see the truth behind your eyes
    So take all th...


  • Fatality

    Come here! Finish him. Fight! Excellent. Finish him. Fight! Excellent. Fatality. Come here! Excellent. Finish him. Come here! Excellent. Flawless victory. Flawless victory. Fatality. Fatality.

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  • Lazy Lover

    She said I`m Candy I said unwrap thee I fell in her arms my friends Candy was dizzy I told her my story I cried in her arms my friends Come sleep at my place She licked my tongue with her wet little tongue and our ...

Bad Meets Evil (Eminem, Royce the 5-9)

  • Scary Movies

    What`s your favorite scary movie? [Em] Yo, Slim Shady! [R5] Yo, Royce 5-9 [Em] Y`all wanna make a movie? [R5] What..

Loc 8

  • Message On Air

    This is the message This is the message on air This is the message This is the message on air This is the message on air Don`t touch the dull is it clear Coming from the cosmic streets And feel the beat anytime it`s not wrong ...

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