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  • A.W.O.L

    Maybe it`s not over yet somewhere inside him must be some new dream awaiting the topple the rest when he finds himself feeling alive yet alone...

Zevon Warren

  • A Certain Girl

    (N. Neville) There`s a certain girl I`ve been in love with a long, long time What`s her name? I can`t tell you Ahh.... I can`t reveal her name until she`s mine What`s her name? I can`t tell you Ahh...


  • 12 bar blues

    Row of r-repeat once Row of R-repeat whole song G C G------------------------------------------r-----------------2---3--2----------------- D------------------2---3--2----------------r--------2--5--------------------5--2----- A--------2---5------...

Suns Of The V.I.

  • Vocal Instrument

    Dipper A-Low: I suplex the mind with a rhyme that can outrun space and time Genuine since 89 My hip hop percise with a verbal connectic sixth sense Sa lyrical barracks for ya has beens Mentally crappin` out in a deadly game of snake eyes One die bri...

Bombshell Rocks

  • 1.80 Down

    There`s a silent chaos I`m waiting for disorder but it`s already here It`s accelerating Struck by surprise, now I see it clear An on going crisis The situation is locked, the winds ain`t turning We`re heading for the 21st century and the rights are bur...

Jimy Ayre

  • Mambo Rock

    There`s an island in the Caribean Sea Where the natives dance and rock with glee. Where they mambo dance in a diff`rent way. They do the crazy Mambo Rock all day.

Najwa Nimri

  • (intro) wait for

    Wait for the time they go Wait for... I wait for the time they go in The silhouettes of black goddess full the air of alert Beauty this time like a tramp All the smoke has gone Champagne shake and everything turns new Stay awake...

Shaquille O` Neal f Sauce Money

  • Voices

    You have practice today at 4 You got a flight at 6 And you have an appearance at 10 Shaq Yo why do you keep missing those free throws? (Shaquille O` Neal) Can you hear that man? I hear voices (*Various voices*) (Shaquille O` Neal) Shaq diesel comi...


  • Club Song

    [Verse 1] You can`t help of the way that flow When he leave the club ladies be like, did you see which way did he go? That will wraps a coop out from a radio though When my single drop I`ma charge 80 a show If you droppin` with me you ready for a pitfa...

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