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Big Pokey f Chamillionaire, Mussilini

  • Do Our Thang

    (*talking*) Hold up, it`s the Mix Tape Messiah Boy Pokey, know I`m tal`n bout Rolling vehicles on swangs, diamonds on our chains yeah [Hook] Go on show em, how we do our thang Throwing diamonds in my chain, show em how we do our thang Rolling vehicles...

C-Loc f Maxminelli

  • What`s Love

    First Verse (C-Loc): Open your mouth wide traitor put this pistol inside, You my dogg thought I`d die for you, boss hogg was ready to ride for you, But you fucked me, you lucky, you deserve to die, But I got love for you and your folks so I`ma let`cha...

Do or Die f Tung Twista, Johnny P

  • Po Pimp

    Chorus: Johnny P Do you wanna riiide? In the backseat, of a Caddy Chop it up, with Do or Die Do you wanna riiide? In the backseat, of a Caddy Chop it up, with Do or Die Verse One: Belo Seven double oh P.M.

Mike Jones f Tum Tum, Paul Wall, Magnifi

  • Perfect Team Pt. 3

    [Mike Jones] It`s Mike Jones, back on the track I pack a gat, when I`m in the `lac I wreck a track, title wack To make sho` my paper stack If I don`t grind, then I don`t shine If I don`t shine, I get left behind I hit the block, stack a knot And shake ...

Tony D (a.k.a. Harvee Wallbangar)

  • Birdie Disease

    Cuckoo.. cuckoo.. cuckoo.. cuckoo.. Cuckoo.. cuckoo.. cuckoo.. cuckoo.. [Tony D] At first you might have thought this was a song from the Blackbyrds Nope..

Михаил Шелег

  • Америка, Европа

    Пиво с водкою мешать - это плохо Наступает в голове карусель. Не послушался меня друг мой Леха И с пол-литры, как тунгус окосел. Закуси ему твержу, закуси! Вот в сметане с хреном спят караси. Убери, говорит нафиг харчи, Лучше бабу свою пить поучи.

Олег Соболев

  • Сорвались ногти, сорвались рукти...

    Олег Соболев

    Сорвались ногти, сорвались рукти,

    Сорвалось мое тело со скалы.

    Девчонки, плачьте и кусайте локти,

    Мне жить осталось только до земли.


Bomfunk MC`s

  • 1, 2, 3, 4

    Mr. Bu-bu back, back in the place So hook up with the groove the fat, fat bass Rougher than rough on the richter scale _______ place a map in hell High way, our way hip-hop hurray Say what for what, what the (ah) you say Old school, so you know I don`t...


  • Archways

    Boom goes my heart
    Dancing around your daisies
    Church bells will start
    Sat on you reading your ages
    I drift away
    In loving memory of a name
    Covered in moss
    You may have died for your country

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