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Lillian Axe

  • All`s Fair In Love And War

    Im not the kind of man Who lets a woman tell me Just what I can and cannot do. She came prepared for battle And all I had to say was Id like to spend some time with you.

Marley Marl f MC Shan

  • Ego Trip * The Big Playback

    ..* Ego Trip`s Book of Rap Lists; p. 50 *.. [Verse 1] All these beats and my rhymes attached Form the new creation called the Marley Scratch We`re always steered in a positive course His beats, my rhymes, combined make force I say it`s like a force co...

Mos Def and Ghostface Killah

  • Lyricist Lounge Vol. 2

    Modern girls!! (sung) I know, I can`t afford to stop for a moment.. that it`s too soon.. to for.. [Mos Def] - speaking over sung vocals I say girls, girls, girls, girls Reach out and clap your hands I be the fabulous man so, just play the fabulous fa...

Дмитрий Коршун

  • Мои друзья, не признающие бром...

    Стихи Никиты Зонова

    Мои друзья, не признающие бром

    И дозировки по сто семьдесят грамм,

    Ведут борьбу за сохранение форм

    На острие пересечения карм.

    Они недаром пом...

United Kingdom

  • Braveheart

    [Intro: Movie Sample] Beware the beast man for he is the devil`s pawn Alone among God`s primates, he kills for sport or lust greed Today he will murder his brother to possess his brother`s land Let him not breed in great numbers for he will make a des...

Mo Thugs f Ken Dawg, II Tru

  • Welcome to My World

    [Jhaz] Welcome to my world You know the procedure Nothin` but playas and trues, man It`s a Jhaz thang And a sista gets wrecked for her domain Plain and simple, Ken Dawg rollin` with II Tru Who you wanna bring? Come along or come strapped You and click ...

Across Five Aprils

  • Answers In The Eyes

    I don`t know how the days escape leaving nothing in their wake. Except
    the taste of regretting yesterday. I thought about the tears
    your cried and
    the miles that you drive.

Binary Star

  • Binary Shuffle

    Do you want to hear about the money we got? (oh no) Talk about the people we shot? (oh no) Bragg on the clothes we wear? (oh no) Do you think what we saying` is fair? (oh yea) Do my crew rock the mic for days? (oh yea) Do my crew keep it live on stage?...

Murder, Inc. (DMX, Ja Rule, Jay-Z)

  • Murdergram

    [Jay-Z] Niggas is dead, dead I tell you, can`t be serious What you think is gonna happen with three of the illest niggas together Street music and so fourth on one track,huh? Can`t be serious, it`s murda nigga, huh, it`s Murda Motha fuckers wanna kill...

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