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MC Eiht f Ice Cube, Mack 10

  • III Tha Hood Way

    [ICE CUBE] When I hear the words: murda murda, I concern a Slug in your burden brain Niggas heard of me From here to eternity Fuck hell cause I can feel the Earth burn in me Now we can meet, we can greet, we can see, we can eat We can hold court in the...

new meanies

  • Three Seeds

    I`m planting three seeds of positivity, yeah! Outside my window, let them grow Gonna give `em water, yeah, yeah! Every day And every hour I`m gonna watch Them flower, woo! I`m heading west, I rediscover, oh yeah! Every time I hear...

Mr. Dalvin f Static (of The Bassment)

  • True O.G.

    Intro: Yeah, we gonna bust it a little something like this. Me and my nigga Mr. Dalvin. First let me get some weed before I wreck it. Just lay back.

new model army

  • 1 Living In The Rose

    (Sullivan/Heaton) The lovers they kiss and slowly they turn For drawing a breath there is nothing but time A thousand million years before we crash in the sun And I know we will be still here in Her arms In the thic...

Big Tymers f Lil` Wayne, Juvenile

  • #1 Stunna

    [Baby] Nigga can`t out-stunt me when it come to these fuckin` cars, nigga Believe that! You know me - I don`t need no introduction and shit Ride Bentley`s `round the city on buttons, ya bitch Arm hangin`, wrist blingin` - just stun`n and shit Drop the...

Del the Funky Homosapien f El-Producto

  • Both Sides of the Brain

    [Del] Aiyyo whattup El-P? [El] Yo whattup Del-phonic? [Del] Nuthin man; I was on the bus the other day man tryin to listen to my Walkman This motherfucker all in my face Tryin to holla at me and shit I`m like, Man - dude you just a offspring [Del]...

Master P, Silkk the Shocker, and Bone-Th

  • Hook It Up

    [Master P and Layzie Bone talking] Yo Layzie? Whats up man? Check this out, me and my boy ridin` dirty from New Orleans, right? Right. When we touch down in Cleveland, Yeah. I`ma have my phone turned on so if you need me hit me. Use the code.

Da Brat f Tyrese

  • Unrestricted

    [Da Brat](Tyrese) Oh, look out Oh uh, come on What`chu like, a whole lot of, whut? (Tyrese yeah) What`chu like, me on a, whut? (What`cha like, what`cha like?) What`chu like? (Can you tell me, baby) Why? How? All night long (All night long) [Da Brat] I...

Master P f Sons of Funk

  • I Got the Hook Up soundtrack

    I got the hook up holla if you hear me (Ughhhhhh)(8X) [Master P] I live my life as a thug but girl you know I need ya each and ever women that I meet damn they don`t wanna be ya it ain`t no limit to what we could do holla if ya hear me girl you kno...

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