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George Michael

  • A Different Corner

    I`d say love was a magical thing I`d say love would keep us from pain Had I been there, had I been there I would promise you all of my life But to lose you would cut like a knife So I don`t dare, no I don`t dare `Cause I`ve neve...

Linkin Park

  • 1stp Klosr

    ft. The Humble Brothers, Jonathan Davis

    I`m about to break (to break!)
    I need room to breathe...

Monster Magnet

  • 19 Witches

    You`re floating there you`re handing me, a snake inside a jar, It`s just to cool, I do believe, you`re what you say you are, How many days was I in that psychotic submarine I stumbled out, I took my turn, and now I`ve made your sc...


  • (Don`t Go Back To) Rockville

    Looking at your watch a third time waiting in the station for a bus
    Going to a place that`s far so far away and if that`s not enough
    Going where nobody says hello they don`t talk to anybody they don`t know
    You`ll wind up i...

Sister Hazel

  • All For You

    There`s been times I`m so confused
    All my roads, they lead to you
    I just can`t turn and walk away
    It`s hard to say what it is I see in you
    Wonder if I`ll always be with you
    But words can`t say, and I can`t do


  • Can`t Nobody

    Hey baby
    I`ve been waiting for you all day, heh
    You`re the only that can love me right
    Heh, I don`t know what else to say, heh whoo!

    1 - Can`t nobody baby
    Can`t nobody love me like my baby

Алина Симонова

  • ***

    Алина Симонова

    Я забегаю вперед и... но...

    Наверное, это плохо.

    Жмурится мальчик времен немого кино,

    Весь осыпанный охрой...

    И, если все-таки разобр...

Basket Case

  • Connections (Ny2mtl)

    [Mr. Q]
    Yeah, yeah. Check it out. Yo, yo, yo
    [CHORUS: Mr. Q]
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connect son
    It`s the connection
    It`s the connection


  • A Pimp`s A Pimp

    [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] Ayyo a Pimps a Pimp Flow is flow Doe is do ho`s a ho Chic`s a chic Trick`s a trick Bitch a bitch across the world So nigga getcha money and attend to your girl [Cam`ron] Now when it comes to the...

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