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  • 3 Years

    All this time I was by her side I always felt this close far away We would ask the questions that lead to no reply With 3 minutes more what would I say? CHORUS: Go I know Come home Don`t waste the last 3 years She whispered on about those empty times...


  • Free

    Free, free, freeas a bird I`m flyin` Can’t you see I’m alive? Shooting up in the sky together, Best years of our lifes.

Big Tymers f Tateeze

  • Got Everything

    [Baby] Ay Big Money Heavyweight Ay Fresh, We back at it daddy Big Tymers, 03 Summertime boy See it`s summertime homie and we born to shine Cadillac dipped grille with the nine on-line Keep the ice on pack With the big mac stacks Rims dipped the same c...

Mack 10 f Big Tymers (Mannie Fresh)

  • That Bitch is Bad

    [Chorus: Mannie Fresh (Mack 10)] x1 All I do Is think about fuckin` you (Yo) Got me gone, Pussy won`t let me go home (That bitch is ba ba ba ba bad) Trick and cash, Just so I can hit that ass (Ba ba ba ba bad....Yo) Your the one, Want for you to have m...

Spice Girls

  • 2 become 1

    Candle light and soul forever a dream of you and me together, Say you believe it, say you believeit, Free your mind of doubt and danger, be for real don`t be a stranger, We can achieve it, we can achieve it Come a little bit closer baby, get it on, get...

Дмитрий Гагуа

  • 1825

    Дмитрий Гагуа

    Музыкальная шкатулка,

    механический мотив;

    да на память о прогулке -

    поцелуй плакучих ив.

    То ли отклик, то ли окрик,

    то ль какой ориенти...


  • Поцелуй

    Погаснут огни за синей pекой И в небе взойдет луна. Под звездным дождем дpуг дpуга найдем, Тpопинка у нас одна. Под звездным дождем дpуг дpуга найдем Тpопинка у нас одна.

Der Wolf

  • Gibt`s Doch Gar Nicht

    Das gibt`s doch gar nicht Ich steh` inner Disco und denke: Gibt`s doch gar nicht!, warn` die Frauen eigentlich schon immer so tranig? Ich hab`s satt immer der Bldmann zu sein, der auf Euch zugeht, ich fang mir keinen Korb ein.

Patent Ochsner

  • Autwybersummer

    dr autwybersummer schlycht sich us em schtoub nmm lang isch hr scho frn us em snkloch da rouchnet`s giftig u grau wu d drachen i usgang wei u ne chatz treit eis lbe i ds brockehuus was su`s sie het nr immer no schs un e hung suech...

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