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Текст песни Omarion

  • Ice Box
    Fussin' and fightin', we back at it again I know that, its my fault, but you don't understand (no) I got memories, this is crazy You ain't nothing like the girl I used to know Good with ma, good with pa, cool with all my niggas I should try to decide...

Omarion feat. Pharrell Williams

  • Obsession
    Obsession (My heart, heat go boom, boom tap) [x8] Hey Excuse me if I find my self dumb, looks like somebody else has my wife So tell me where the fuck you came from (where you came from) I never seen nothing like you in my life So i close my eyes a...

Lyrics for Oomph!

  • Traumst Du?
    Du wei?t genauso gut wie ich Dass ich nicht schlafen kann Denn meine Traume kreisen Immer nur um dich Ich habe nachtelang gewartet Dass du zu mir kommst Jetzt gib mir endlich deine Hand Und komm ins Licht Es ist ein winzig kleiner Schritt Und...

Ordinary Boys

  • Boys Will Be Boys
    I've had nights i will never forget I've had nights i will always regret but i can take it on the chin, and say Boys Will Be Boys There's been girls that have stolen our hearts, but the others said they couldn't be prised apart whoever let's us in...

Текст песни The Ordinary Boys

  • I Luv U
    I'm not gonna to patronise ya But trying to write down why I like ya It doesn't make it any better To just steal kind words off Phil Spector And I know all these tired cliches But I don't know which cliche to say Because cliches don't have any imp...


  • Bright Idea
    Did somebody tell you what I couldn't tell you? I hope they did. (I hope they didn't.) Will I learn to regret it, or should I forget it? Whatever this is- it feels electric.

Outkast feat. Janelle Monae

  • Call The Law
    [Big Boi] Zora and Rooster under peachtree They K-I-SS-I-N-G Wow first came he love Now then comes the marriage 1-1-1 baby 2 baby 3 baby carriage baby [Janelle Monae] Welcome to my world oceans vs.

Outkast feat. Khujo Goodie

  • N2u
    [Verse One: Big Boi] Back when I was a freshman I learned a valuable lesson A hoe gon be a hoe and it don't matter about you stressin' the only thing you do is tap that throat and wear protection and only when she spit it out is when you feel reject...

Outkast feat. Killer Mike

  • In Your Dreams
    [Chorus] We spend so much dreaming when we could be leaving Woo hoo I get wild and don't give a fuck, see you when the sun come up I guess i'll get you in your dreams (woo) (woo-ooo) (woo) I guess i'll get you in your dreams (woo-ooo) I ge...

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