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Jamie T

  • If You Got The Money
    If you've got the money I think it would be funny ah ah oh To take your girl and spend a bit of your cash for me Cos' then she might be happy No longer lonely ah ah oh And I could take her out the next day for pretty much free Dah dee doo dahdah d...

Lyrics for Jamie T

  • Sheila
    Sheila goes out with her mate stella, It gets poured all over her fella, Cos shes says, man he aint no better Than the next man kicking up fuss Drunk, she stumbles down by a river Screams calling london, (london) None of us heard her coming, I gues...

Janet Jackson feat. Khia

  • So Excited
    Breathe You get me so Get me so excited [Janet] I'm hot, come on, so get it ready And I'll open my spot for you Anytime you want me to So you can [Khia] Act bad Don't hurt me Look sexy Talk dirty [Janet] And i'll open my spot for yo...

Janet Jackson feat. Nelly

  • Call On Me
    [Janet] I don't know if I've ever felt like this before But I'm sure that the way I feel, I don't want it to go 'Cuz I've cried my share of tears And I've sang my share of blues But to keep you over here, I'll do what I got to do [Janet] So baby,...

Текст песни Jarvis Cocker

  • Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
    Well you can stay all night if you want to You can hang out with all of his friends You can go and meet his mother and father You better make sure that's where it ends Cause baby, there is one thing you gotta know.... Let him read your palm and g...

Jason Aldean

  • Amarillo Sky
    He gets up before the dawn; Packs a lunch an' a thermos full of coffee. It's another day in the dusty haze; Those burnin' rays are wearin' down his body.

Lyrics for Jason Aldean

  • Johnny Cash
    Watch ya got Quit my job, flipped off the boss, took my name of the payroll Screw you, man Picked up my cell rang my baby's bell said 'I'm three miles from home. I said sugar why don't you put on that sundress I like so much, Wait out by the road, ...

Текст песни Jason Michael Carroll

  • Alyssa Lies
    My little girl met a new friend, Just the other day, On the playground at school Between the tires and the swings But she came home with tear-filled eyes, And she said to me Daddy, Alyssa lies Well I just brushed it off at first, 'cause I didn'...

Jay-Z feat. Beyonce

  • Hollywood
    [Intro: Jay-Z + (Beyonce)] IT AIN'T FOR EVERYBODY! (Uhhhh) Welcome to Hollywood baby (Take a picture) Uh huh You coming with? (Let's not even talk about it) Let's do it (Let's Go!) [Bridge 1: Beyonce + (Jay-Z)] (Uh huh) I see your jealousy as you...

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