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David Guetta Vs. The Egg

  • Love, Don't Let Me Go (walking Away)
    You've got me dancin' and cryin' Rollin' and flying Love don't let me go You got me drownin' in a river Cold and in fever Love don't let me go Don't let me gooooooooooo......

David Kane

  • Club Sound
    I wanna make you dance I wanna make you dance to the rhythm Dance Can you feel rhythm Feel the groove...

David Tavare

  • Summerlove
    Remember - summerlove Submitted by ohohoz In a while... Maybe you remember, When we met... on the beach When you showed met the way From that day, We'd always be together In our hearts...

Lyrics for David Usher

  • Blue
    Breathe blood is in the water Hold on tight i'm coming I'll be there soon Keep your eyes high on the horizon All the clouds are falling Between me and you And you've grown so cold Too numb to notice That the sky has turned so blue Fight even ...

Текст песни David Vendetta

  • Love To Love You Baby
    I love to love you baby... When you're laying so close to me There's no place I'd rather you be Than with me here...

David Vendetta

  • Unidos Para La Musica
    Aaaaaaah Aaaaaaah (x5) Amor para todos Felicidad para cada uno Y la alegria se aparte en la vida Y que tenemos oros juntos Para siempre unidos Para la musica Unidos Amor para todos Felicidad para cada uno La alegria se aparte ...

Daz Sampson

  • Teenage Life
    (Eurovision Song Contest 2006 :: United Kingdom) Now hear this What did you learn at school today? That's what the teachers used to say But they don't know Don't understand, do they Why do they always give advice Saying Just be nice, alw...

Deep Side feat. R. Kelly

  • Let's Make Love
    [R. Kelly Talkin] Uh Yeah Let's quit playin wit em [Hook - R. Kelly] They way we roll up it aint hard to tell Ladies, it's Deep Side and ya boy Kells Got the, swagga on wit the jewelry swingin Them chicks be faintin cuz them boys be singin Wooh...

Destiny's Child

  • Cater 2 U
    Baby I see you working hard Wanna let you know I’m proud Let ya know that I admire what you do Don’t know if I need to reassure you My life would be purposeless without you If I want it (got it) when I ask you (you provide it) You inspire me to be...

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