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  • Sorry Baby

    Just when you think you`ve been forgotten There`s a letter at your door Your face turned red when you thought I would call And you say, the mailman must have been sick today It`s midnight and the trains are coming by It`s b...

Code Red f Masta Ace

  • The Call

    {*phone rings*} [Verse 1] What up son? I just called up to put you on Out in New York the same shit is going on Cops stil bustin` there cats for no reason Whether in the summer or forty bellow season Yellow cab`s stil don`t stop for black faces Fiends...

Mia X f Lawand Johnson, Kenya Miller

  • Mommie`s Angels

    [Kenya Miller] Angels! Ooh ooh Angels! Ooh oh ooh angels [Mia X (Kenya & Lawand Johnson singing in background)] Precious little boy and girl growing up fast, in this foul world Mama`s trying to do all she can to get through the tough times Press rew...

gray chris

  • bass heaven

    From: Floyd 1180 <> Subject: Artist: Gray, Chris Song: Bass Heaven Here is the tab to Bass Heaven by Chris Gray..its not too hard once you get it down! Riff 1(The awsome intro..the timing is difficult, but you should get it) ...

Children of the Corn (Killa Cam, Murder

  • The Corn (Get Wit It)

    [Bloodshed] Yeah, yeah Bloodshed My nigga Mase Murder, the deal Big L, Killa Cam Let `em know where you been Killa [Cam`Ron] I went to Texas people, caught wreck with people Who had injection infected needles, some terrorist people Baby burst the dese...

Mo Thugs f Krayzie Bone

  • Mo Murder

    Kill`em all, kill`em all, kill`em all Dey die, dey die, dey die, dey die They wanna see the Bone gone They wanna see the Bone gone They wanna see the Bone gone They wanna see the Bones long gone Murda, bloody murda (It`s ya nigga) It`s ya nigga Leathe...

gray matter

  • burn no bridges

    Title: Burn No Bridges Band: Gray Matter Tabbed by: Daniel Timmerman Intro G|--------------------------------------------| D|-------5-5--7-7-7--10-10-10--5-5--4-4-4-----| A|-7-7-7--------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------...

Mack 10 f Gerald Levert

  • Money`s Just a Touch Away

    [Mack 10] This song is dedicated to all the up and coming rappers, singers, hustlers, actors Whatever you may be remember: without no struggle, you get no progress So keep grindin, keep on mashin, get yours Chorus: Gerald Levert You`re nothin far fro...


  • Stinks Like Claudioman Spirit

    (by Overflow) Load up on guns and Bring your friends It`s fun to kill Claudioman! He`s over boring And self assured Oh no, he`s comin` I`ll take my sword Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! (chorus) With the lights out it`s more dangerous...

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