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Legend Of Dragoon

  • If You Still Believe

    ooo... I had a dream that I could fly I can feel each moment as time goes by We never be too far away You would always be here I heard you say I never thought ooo...

NGA Fish

  • My Mind`s On U

    Ain`t that Shelly? Wassup girl? Awww you trippin` You don`t remember a nigga? Well this will refresh your memory Remember when you were bulimic? Remember when you started getting fat? Remember when you had to watch your weight? I do, that was around t...


  • Quando Ti Senti Sola

    Quando ti senti sola piccola e pi indifesa con i pensieri in gola il cuore che ti pesa Tu sfogati e digli tutto vuota le tue soffitte tirami gi dal letto anche se mezzanotte Quando ti senti sola mi sento solo anch`io lascia il tu...

Mercedes f A-Lexxus, Mia X

  • Hit Em

    Chorus: (Mercedes) No Limit we got that shit you need,shit you can bump in your trunk Got all your bitches fiendin,and makin niggas say ughh Get up, get on the floor,we come to give you some more Cause it`s my time to shine, me and my niggas came jus...


  • Ancient Rhymes

    ancient rhymes infest my brain I go insane old spells are cast ancient rhymes unleash the past (Charles Dexter Ward) thragta I memoria, ersensa nova nom a ritmica ghidana, yog sodomae sabadom ancient rhymes I hear pounding in my...

The Firm f Wizard

  • Untouchable

    Nas Escobar: Yeah, I`d like to welcome everybody that came I know that I woke y`all up early this mornin`, but shit is real I need all y`all to come down so we can talk about these things that`s going on man It`s gettin` real Wizard: Escobar, reportoi...

The Diplomats f Un Casa

  • Un Casa

    [Un Casa] + (Cam`Ron) Killa what`s really good my nigga (Un Casa what`s really good) What`s really good flee Yo, what`s really good I got ta get on this album I just signed ta Diplomat yesterday what`s really good (I mean, I mean the album is done I m...

Steve Green

  • In You Alone

    When I am weak, You carry every burdon.
    When I`m alone, You`re just a breath away
    When I am restless, You`re the one who who stills me
    And where I fail, You always stay the same

    In You alone, I`m lifted up to heav...


  • A notre santй

    Ils mиnent une vie sans excиs
    Font gaffe а tout et se surveillent de prиs
    Avoir un corps parfait c`est un sacerdoce
    Mais leur capital santй mйrite des sicrifices

    Il boit de la biиre sans alcool
    Elle mange pas...

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