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Talib Kweli Hi Tek f Piakhan, Supa Dav W

  • Touch You

    (Intro) Oh what`s up everybody this is Rick James Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal (Chorus) [Supa Dav West] We Make the Music That Change your life `Bout to touch you just right All night we gonna to shine the light `Bout to touch you just r...

Carla Bruni

  • Quelqu`un M`a Dit

    On me dit que nosvies ne valent pas grand chose, Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses. On me dit que le temps qui glisse est un salaud que de noschagrins il s`en fait des manteaux pourtant quelqu`un m`a dit...

Mannie Fresh f Baby

  • Go With Me

    I`ma ball ba-ba-ball ba-ball ba-ball ball [Verse 1] This is it y`all The shit y`all Niggaz grab your dicks y`all Ladies in your best outfits y`all Killa fa shilla Slash pimp plus dealer Nobody realer On the manilla Just call me cute face Chubby waist ...

Mr. Shadow f Lil Rob, VMF

  • Go Ahead

    [Mr. Shadow] Quivole Mr. Shadow Lil Rob VMF On the board for the 98 and it won`t stop Check It [Mr.

Светлана Менделева

  • В Праге снег...

    Светлана Менделева

    В Праге снег.

    В снегопаде, как будто во сне

    Пешеходов следы

    Синим росчерком на белизне.

    Здесь после восьми

    Вдоль улиц пустых

A.G. f Mr. Mudd

  • Be With

    [Chorus: repeat 2X] You don`t know who you wanna be with And you don`t know who you wanna creep with And you don`t know who you wanna sleep with Girl you best to get up on this G.D.

The WhoRidas f Saafir

  • Town Shit

    This is my townshit, (townshit...) Wit the Raleighs, for the niggaz, that whoride Chorus: This is my townshit for the niggaz in the `Maros and the Mali`s wit the Raleighs This is my townshit for the niggas that whoride and the bustas high side This ...


  • Howl

    You try so hard to be cold
    You try so hard to not show
    I give you nothing to doubt, and you doubt me
    I give you all that I have, but you don`t see

    Now I know that my eyes must close here
    Every word seems to f...

Organic Revolution Orchestra

  • 3 Fat Bensin

    Jag fann bensin 3 fulla fat tnkte byta dom mot mat Men rosten hade plten frtt s allt rann bort utom en skvtt N sak jag lrt mej av livet ta ingenting fr givet D som var kvar tog jag i en spann D var nog nnu vrt lite grann fr jag f...

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