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  • aint talkin bout dub

    Finaly I found this cool riff! ApolloFourForty took it from Van Halens song Aint talkin bout a dub. Any way, pick it fast whit mild distortation..and dont forget to palm mute.

Before Today

  • Enlarge Your Hearts

    Clothed by space
    We are aware of this
    And we can all agree that we are seen by the light
    But I`m beat to death
    By a well defined problem instead
    Conscious we all ignore
    Jeweler`s eye view
    Enlarge ...

Cydal f Dru Down, The Luniz

  • Money

    Cydal! One Step Beyond. Cydal! One Step Beyond. Cydal! Chorus Money! (Money found, but broke right now, this Cydal, Mobb.) Is my everything! (Money found, but broke right now, this Cydal, Mobb.) Money! Ohhoohhh.


  • Betrayed Again

    I have been betrayed again All my rights have been denied All my friends have turned me in I have been betrayed by them Even though I have done my all Even tempered I`ve thought it through Though in pain had the wherewithall To s...


  • Aloha Lolita

    They lie on the sofa, He`s got his hand inside her dress, He says he adores her, The word is she`s crazy, She likes the taste between her legs, They say she`s a goer, The truth is it bores her, She`s bored, she`s bored beyond beli...

Main Source f Neek the Exotic

  • Fakin` the Funk

    [Large Professor] Now I`ve never been one to knock the next man for getting his You know what I`m saying? (Right, right) And I do realize that now hip-hop is a form of showbiz (Uh huh) But this has always been something with which you have to be true ...

apple fiona

  • criminal

    Criminal - bassline By Fiona Apple (c) 1996 FHW Publishing This little transcription by Mark Cichra( Okay, here goes...

Montell Jordan f Flesh-N-Bone

  • Falling

    [Flesh-N-Bone] Come and feel my thug love baby This feelin`ll get you with me It`ll drive you oh so crazy Cuz I`ve been watchin` you lately lady Round and round the world we go To the next show Bless your soul Flesh know that I sure do miss you After...

From Dawson`s Creek

  • Dawson`s Creek, the best Soap of America!

    Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen.
    Dawson, you are the best Boy of the World.
    Pacey, you are the greatest Friend whit Andie.
    Joey, you are so a funny Girl.
    Jen, you are the best BH-Girl.

    Dawson`s, oh...

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