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  • An Ode To A Dying Rose

    Please kiss me before you tell me goodbye I know that I`ll love you to the end of time Illusions never changed into something real But you brought sun into my lake of tears Everytime in my life when the rain falls down I see mysel...

luther allison

  • the thrill is gone

    The Thrill Is Gone by Hawkins/Darnell (As performed by Luther Allison) TablEdited by Jan Bjorklund [jan.bjorklund@osterbottningen.fi] Tuning : E A D G Time Signature: 4/4 | | | | | | | | |-...

Timbaland f Kelly Price, Missy `Misdemea

  • Talking on the Phone

    [Missy] Yo yo yo yo Wah wah wah Yea yo yo Wah wah wah wah Wah wah wah wah (uh huh) Yo yo Wah wah wah [Kelly - Verse One] I trusted her, my home girl from school (yea yea) Introduced her to my man, they became cool (uh) She told me that, that he lov...

Андрей Богомолов

Ebony Tears

  • Cosmical Transformation

    World keeps spinning round my head Vague rejections will transcend Truthful faith for the worlds inside This fairyland can`t be denied Embrace me in secrecy This world`s for real not a dream Right in my hands the fairyland No tru...


  • 9 Hands

    (R.J. Johnson/The Honeyrods) Voices all that`s left inside my head tell me what to do I want you bad play for you like a kid in new toy land bounce for you from a bridge on rubber bands Nine hands all want you this one`s mine Nine...

luti kriss

  • chase in the crowd

    a cool song by a cool band Dropped C tuning (C-G-C-F-A-D) Verse F---- C-12- G-10- C-10- 1st Chord F---- C-9-- G-7-- C-9-- 2nd Chord F---- C-7-- G-5-- C-0-- 3rd Chord F---- C-7-- G-7-- C-7-- 4th Chord F--------- C-7-9-7-9- G-7------- C-7-----...

Mr. Short Khop f Kokane

  • Dollaz, Drank, and Dank

    [Kokane talking] Fuck you, fuck you Now I lay em` down to sleep fuck you, fuck you [Verse 1] It goes down like this Slingshot so I can`t miss Known to put em all in a twist Khop[chop] C.G, top mack shop hitting C Bank shot top of the key Hit you in th...

Steeve Estatof

  • Enfin

    (Steeve Estatof)

    Je suis lа je sors du coma
    Je ne risque plus rien le tunnel a une fin
    En silence je sors de mes nuits
    Le silence m`ennuie, je n`aboutis qu`a la folie

    Je suis lа je sors du coma

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