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C-Note f Bun B (U.G.K.), Godfather

  • If it Was Meant to Be

    Ah, Ah, Ah, Father live my life (2000) Tryin` to do what`s right, Ah If it was meant to be, I`ll store a whole key, and push a Bentley Build my own mansion on Mars, go down in history If it was meant to be, I`d go platinum in a day An If it was meant ...

Ghostface Killah f Superb, Trife

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    [Intro: Superb] Yo roll, yo` roll My roll, my roll Aiyo Maurice go to the store for me son My roll, tell that bitch Keisha come here Tell that bitch Keisha come here man (Two dutches, hollar, hollar) Niggas rollin` for money over there dunn (It`s on a ...

Thirstin Howl III f Rack Lo

  • John They`re Stealing Part 1

    [Thirstin Howl] Check it out. Yo son, yo I remember one day, right... we was walking in this motherfuckin store right There was this old lady in there, she was behind the cash register I think her husband, it was just her and her husband He was way ba...

Cowboy Troy fSarah Buxton

  • If You Don`t Wanna Love Me

    [Chorus x 2 - Sarah Buxton] If you don`t wanna love me Then I`ll find somebody else who will Find another kind of thrill Find another way to fill this loneliness [Verse 1 - Cowboy Troy) A married couple with kids and a family pet He takes for granted ...

GangStarr f G-Dep, Shiggy Sha

  • Moment of Truth

    Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X Make money money -- GO SHOPPIN! Take money money -- GO SHOPPIN! No matter what the weather, winter spring or fall We`ll be doin it...

Color Changin` Click f Rasaq, Yung-Ro, 5

  • If Ya Crunk

    [Chorus - Yung-Ro] (50/50 Lil` Twin) If you crunk (Put ya hands up) You got cash (Put some grands up) You got plex (Nigga stand up) Huh? (Bitch, and what?) --repeat 4x-- [Rasaq] Mic, check testin`, tested speakin` through the mic like firin` a wesson ...


  • 6 to 8

    Artist: A.F.I. Song: 6 To 8 Album: The Art of Drowning Tabbed by: Yop ( Not 100% sure about the chorus, but this one is close.

Ghostface Killah f The Dramatics

  • In the Rain (Wise)

    [Ghostface Killah] I think it happened on a Saturday I heard the phone ring, ding, ding Who this? `Vine yo..

Holvoet Steven

  • Ik Wou

    eitje, eitje in het gras ik wou dat het al pasen was. pakje, pakje aan de boom het is kerstmis in mijn droom kom al te gaar kom al te gaar `t is weer al bijna nieuwjaar.

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