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Jackson Bessie

  • B. D. Woman`s Blues

    Comin` a time, B. D. women, they`n`t gon` need no men. Comin` a time, B. D. women, they`n`t gon` to need no men. Cause the way they treat us is a lowdown and dirty sin. B. D. women, you sure cain`t understand. B. D.


  • Dio

    Dio (Liftiba) Io sono come Dio. Potrei rapirvi il cuore per un attimo. Io non ho mai incontrato Dio ma conosco un`altra verita`. Io sono come Dio e gli uomini li rifarei come ora occhi per non vedere bocche per non parlare...

Mexicano 777 f KRS-One

  • Balumbalang!

    Mexicano: La verdaera vieja escuela respeten, Respeten KRS-One: Aha,aha You ain`t think this was going to happen KRS-1, Puerto Rican Warriors, Mexicano! Mexicano: Que es lo que hay KRS? KRS-One: You know what`s up! Mexicano: Niggas don`t know, better ...

Ligabue Luciano

  • A.a.a. Qualcuno Cercasi

    Forse e` uno buttato via, forse e` uno zorro, forse una spia, forse e` il poeta che non ha mai scritto niente Forse e` uno comunque sia, basta che respiri e che non se ne vada via forse e` quello che e` come un incidente forse e` ...

Mack 10

  • 10 Million Ways

    F/ ice cube Chorus: [ice cube] x4 Cause if you fuck with us we leave scars [mack 10] Tick tock around the clock for the rock ya come see me Just knock at the door Ill grant your wish like a genie Strait out to get paid s...

Five Young Cannibales

  • Your Drive Me Crazy

    I can`t stop the way I feel Things you do don`t seem real Tell you what I got in mind `cause we`re runnin` out of time Won`t you ever set me free? This waitin` `rounds killin` me She drives me crazy like no one else She drives me...

Master P f Westside Connection

  • Bangin`

    West-syy-eed Huh, niggaz be like wonderin where tha Ice Cream Man been at I been down South countin my marbles nigga But I got two sides Damn it feels good to be back in the Yea Area, I mean the Westside With these motherfuckin West Coast Bad Boyz Wes...


  • All Around

    We`ve been all around the world, Seen so many things, And tasted all the good things that life can bring, We`re like brothers now, and that ain`t gonna change And even when things go wrong, they`re always by my side.

Mr. Sancho f Califa Thugs

  • Str8 Southsidin`

    [Chorus - Mr. Sancho] We straight southsidin`, lowridin` `Till the day we dyin`, dyin` (Califa Thugs...Califa Thugs) We straight southsidin`, lowridin` `Till the day we dyin`, dyin` We straight southsidin`, lowridin` `Till the day we dyin`, dyin` (Cali...

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