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  • all i know

    Artist: Pitchblend Song: All i know Tab By: Steve Waedner Email: shajt@hotmail.com I think this is the full tab for the fantastic song `all i know`... I`ll let u worry about the order, ha.

Azn Dreamers

  • Fixing A Broken Heart

    There was nothing to say the day she left
    just filled a suitcase full of regrets
    i hailed a taxi cab in the rain
    looking for some place to ease the pain
    then like an unanswered prayer
    i turned around and found you ...

Wes King

  • Move To The Moon

    And build a haven
    For lost balloons
    I`m gonna move to the moon
    And find the words
    For this lonely tune
    That my heart has composed
    Far away from these earthly woes
    I`m gonna move to the moon

Mc Fly

  • 5 Colours In Her Hair

    Do do do do do do
    Do do do do do do
    Do do do do do do do

    She`s got a lip ring and five colours in her hair
    Not into fashion but I love the clothes she wears
    Her tattoos always hidden by her underwear


  • as seen on tv

    Title: As Seen On TV Album: Deviant Transcribed by: James Ball Email: james_wmkt@hotmail.com I couldn`t put the timing onto this so you`ll have to listen to the song and work it out yourself.

Gravediggaz (Frukwan)

  • God vs. Devil

    [Intro: Frukwan] Yo Back again in the midst`s of the dirt and the lurky mud In the dark clouds and the pitch black skies In the stages of triple darkness I spark this, microphone To, inject y`all, to a lethal dose Of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understandin...


  • a return from mexico

    So I guess it`s the latter, you told me how much you felt the same about this distance But now I`m home and you`ll be tired tonight when it was our time to shine together How does this work, my head it`s thrown into the whirlwind Maybe you should not h...


  • Plan B

    Plan B

    ej, kad te blize pogledam zgodan si i ne,
    dobar si za jednu noc, al ne i za dve
    sinoc si me mazio, pa bi hteo jos
    danas je moj horoskop dobar a tvoj los

    okolina moja zna

Eddie Cochran

  • C`mon Everybody

    (E) Well C`mon Everybody And Let`s Get Together Tonight
    (E) I Got Some Money In My Jeans And I`m Really Gonna Spend It Right
    Been A- (A)Doing My Homework (B)All Week Long
    Now the (A)House Is Empty The (B)Folks Are Gone

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