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Сергей Кащеев

Tha Alkaholiks f Loot Pack

  • 21 and Over

    Intro: Tash Yeah, Tha Alkaholiks Ay J, I got a crew They called the Loot Pack And they can get crazy fresh y`all, crazy fresh y`all My man Jack is about to get fresh y`all Verse One: Loot Pack Check the flavor here`s a rootin tootin hydraulic troope...

Graphidi Logik

  • Can I Get a Yo

    Verse 1: I gots to rock the freakin mic, and yes I gots to rock the show, but when the stress hits me, yo, it`s like 10 blows to the head, I`m always being hasseled, there`s no end, hasseled by my Moms and hasseled by the feds, pressure rising and I`m...

TQ f Jayo Felony, Kam

  • Westside Part III (Budd`ah Remix)

    Intro: TQ I was just a young boy The remix, this is the way we do it Verse 1: TQ Now I`m standing on the corner, high as fuck Thinking `bout bustng a nut And you can say what you wanna It`s all about hips and butts and other ways to come Why do they...

Станислав Колеников

Country Blues Collector Items

  • Malam Pertama

    Tak kan pernah aku menyalahi cinta
    Yang ku jaga hanya untuk satu kasih
    Yang terakhir dan yang pasti untuk selamanya
    Kesetiaan kan teruji
    Ku tak mau memberikan semua diawal
    Bila belum ada satu kepastian
    Suatu k...


  • A Loss

    Take away This pain From me Your once bright eyes Now closed Cant see Where did you go? You left Today I need you here But you`re Gone AWAY! (Chorus) Too long It seems your gone You`re dead to me now! Your gone I loved you so But I know I`ll still ...

Asian Dub Foundation

  • 1000 Mirrors

    A Thousand BrokenMirrors A scream a shout far in the distance Maybe the first or second floor Curtains colouring the windows Never see behind closed doors A silent siege behind politeness Domestic harmony for show Lost in the mirage of a marriage Outsi...

Corb Lund Band

  • Good Copenhagen

    well i partied with some crazy calgary cowgirls
    we ripped a snorted and kicked around a bit
    two told me they got old time religion
    one said she`ll never barrel race again
    good copenhagen is better than bad cocaine

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