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TQ f Baby

  • Keep it on the Low

    [Baby] ey you know t-keezy it`s your boy bird beezy baby you know we`re gonna take this one straight to the clubs up in the club looking for a player girl you know ey pimp t-keezy it`s yo turn pimp [TQ] up in the club sippin on mo got my hands up chok...


  • La Marcha De Las Vocales

    Que dejen toditos los libros abiertos (aah)
    Ha sido la orden que dio el general(aah)
    Que todos los ninos esten muy atentos(aah)
    Las cinco vocales van a desfilar

    Primero veras, que pasa la A (aaa)
    Con sus dos ...

Guru f Baybe

  • Feel the Music

    [Baybe] Music! (2X) [Guru] Times like this make me clench my fist Then I`m caught up in the midst of the musical bliss Guru, blow a kiss to the ladies in my corner Caress the mic and kick my game like I wanna What? You never see the brother Guru falt...


  • Paris

    Could I be so affected
    Will I stay on your mind
    Why am I so infected
    The way that we shine

    Speak now or forever fall into pieces
    I took you so fast
    The way we are is just a movie sequence
    I took y...


  • Не сыпь мне соль на рану

    Но почему меня не лечит время Ведь столько дней прошло с той черной ночи Когда, захлопнув дверь, ушла ты в темень А рана заживать никак не хочет Зачем звонить, когда почти уснули Воспоминания о минувшей боли Мы календарь с тобой перевернули Так дай мне...

Enzo Ghinazzi (Pupo)

  • Forse


    di D. PACE
    Edizioni : POLYGAM

    E cosi` te ne vai,
    forse, mi mancherai
    non si puo` stare soli
    amo te, niente piu`

    e non c`e` piu` bisogno d`in...

Сергей Каплан, Александр Софронов

  • Был февраль

    Стихи Сергея Каплана

    Музыка Александра Софронова

    Am Dm

    Был февраль, он разматывал пряжу,

    Am A7 Dm


Aesop Rock f Ann Colville

  • Music For Earthworms

    [Sample from Sing-A-Song] You can come, I`ll leap right over Any day you like System 605, Union 91 [Aesop] I forever wallow in glitches grimly distributed by side effects Consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches Drenched! Gridled between dense pillar...

Fagen Donald

  • Green Flower Street

    Uptown It`s murder out in the street Uptown It`s murder out in the street That`s where I found my mandarin plum That`s where you`d be if you found one Where the nights are bright And joy is complete Keep my squeeze on Green Flower...

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