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  • Jellyhead

    So what if your jeans are torn
    They`ve been torn since cross were cool
    I wanted you for a little while
    You got it run by a million miles

    Big deal, what a thrill, what a let down
    Kissing in your car while i sh...

Herrman Prey

  • Die Alten Strassen Noch

    Was ich unendlich hab` geliebt ist längst verrauscht verweht. Und keine Hoffnung es mehr gibt dass wieder es entsteht.

Timbaland f 1 Life 2 Live, Lil` Man

  • Can`t Nobody

    [Timbaland] C`mon ah what? Ah, what? C`mon, ah, what? Ah, what? C`mon, c`mon, ah, what? Ah, 1 Life 2 Live, what? Ah, what? [1 Life] Live, huh? Yeah Y`all cats ain`t ready, I`m just too much When I was young, my mamma said I used to cuss too much If I...

Chimиne Badi

  • Fame

    Baby, look at me, and tell me what you see.
    You ain`t seen the best of me yet.
    Give me time I`ll make you forget the rest.
    I got more in me, and you can set it free.
    I can catch the moon in my hand.

Hersh Kristin

  • Aching For You

    Chinese food and your sleeping back We`re born-again losers It`s funny Honey, you know, this is not so bad Hanging around, wired for sound It`s funny and sad and it`s true I`m aching, aching for you We carry an island around on ou...

Cristina Marocco

  • Appelle-Moi

    J’aimerais tellement
    Que tu sois lа en face
    J’ai beau me souvenir
    Mais je perds ta trace
    Sur tes photos
    La poussiиre s’entasse
    Avec le temps
    J’oublie ton chant

    Je t’ai cherchй

The Corporation (WWF) *

  • No Chance in Hell

    * actual performer who raps the lyrics is uncredited [Verse] No chance, that`s what you got.. You up against a machine too strong Pretty politicians buyin souls for our song PUPPETS! Will find their place in line But tie a string around your finger n...

Eastern Conference All Stars

  • High & Mighty Present

    Typed by: hunguye5@vt.edu * [Tame One] Yeah (uh) yeah (uh) Formaldehyde sammiches Northface gooses (ah) South Orange Avenue producers (uh) East Coast is the loosest West District is ruthless (Boom Skwad nikka!) We leave you toothless Eastern Confere...

The Beatnuts f Greg Nice

  • No Escapin` This

    No escaping this [Greg Nice] Oh, oh, oh! 2 G`s mother, uh! The Beatnuts y`all, uh! Uh, oh! Juju, Psycho Les, uh, oh! Turn it out oh, oh my god oh! Oh, oh, it`s the hardcore b-boy shit! Hard to the core motherfucker, no keyboard shit! [Psycho Les] Aiy...

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