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Asheru f Talib Kweli

  • Mood Swing

    [Asheru talking] (Ya`ll don`t know right here this is the next single featuring my man Talib Kweli, called Mood Swing, we gonna do it like this y`all) [Asheru] You can run to every new thing under the sun you be a jack of all trades and a master of no...

Trina and Tamara f Eve

  • Joanne (Remix)

    1 - Joanne, Joanne Stop trying to be my friend Joanne, Joanne Stop trying to freak my man Joanne, Joanne How you gon` try to clown Joanne I know you got another plan When I`m not around For most of our lives It`s been you and me And I always ...

jones stan

  • ghost riders in the sky

    From: tgannon@charlie.usd.edu (spideir) [GHOST] RIDERS IN THE SKY -- Stan Jones, 1949 -- rock guitar arrangement: tcg, c.1983 (re-arranged, transcribed 7/94) --2/4 // Key of Am // Allegro (pretty quick) --heavy reverb preferred; heavy fuzz...

Akinyele f Alisha Hill

  • Aktapuss

    (Alisha Hill) - Hook Messing with my cru (2x) We will kill you (2x) You don`t have a fucking clue (clue) What we came to do (2x) You don`t have a fucking clue What we came to do (2x) (Akinyele) Ha I roll on your doo like bamboo Man listen Ak-nel stay...

Avant f Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

  • Makin` Good Love (Remix)

    Makin` Good Love (Remix) [Avant] I`m doin` this for all my ladies I know you thinkin` yo it sound a lullaby right? Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, A-V we so sick We about to do this REMIX!! Radio play this [Krayzie Bone] On the highway and it`s Friday In my big...

Trick Daddy f Khia

  • J.O.D.D.

    [Trick Daddy] We gettin dollas (dollas, dollas, dollas, dollas) Yours Truly, I know y`all been waitin` for it And it`s about time, ain`t it? What I`m a need y`all to do cause I got what you want I want all the bitches to report to the dance floor Right...

Aceyalone f P.E.A.C.E.

  • Accepted Eclectic

    [Aceyalone] Excuse me - sir, whose microphone is this? I think it`s that guy over there This guy over here? Excuse me, is this your microphone? Yeah I mean, I`ve seen a lot of MC`s on this microphone but this is your microphone, right? Yeah, yeah, it`s...

Dog Fashion Disco


    I have alot of artists to mod *&* so it would be quite helpful
    if you would mark what you are correcting within the lyrics.
    stars, arrows, bold, whatever.
    just some way to distinguish the changes.

American Cream Team

  • Black & White soundtrack

    [Rhyme Recca] You rather put your head in a lions mouth, they call me out I don`t play games, I put a torpedo in your scout You never sold shit, never stole shit Get in a video and front like you hold shit You playing a role that been on file a hundred...

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