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Sofia Laiti

  • Besame Mucho

    Besame, besame mucho
    Each time I cling to your kiss, I hear music divine
    Besame, besame mucho
    Hold me my darling and say that you`ll always be mine

    This joy is something new, my arms enfolding you
    Never kne...

Eightball f Jadakiss

  • Stop Playin` Games (Remix)

    [Jadakiss talking] Trust me on this one Jerry I know a little bit about the engineering thing too ya heard me I`m bigger than self, I`m bigger than self Live one baby, ha ha Expect the unexpected, Eightball good lookin` out [Jadakiss] Uh yeah, uh yeah...

last conservative

  • backdrop

    this is accuarate, a member of last conservative gave me this transcription backdrop intro (verse) --x--x----x -12--12--12 -11--11--11- --9---x----x- E maj --9---x---11- --x---11--x-- cho (B - F - A- E) bridge F --x-- Ab min A ...

Run-D.M.C. f Pete Rock and CL Smooth

  • Down With the King

    [Chorus] down with the king for years, about ten of `em recruiting suckers, Mac and Mike, and makin` men of `em tears and fears for my peers, they rippin` you think that it is, it is, if not it isn`t race for the border my daughter, `cause beats you`r...

Rakim f Danny Saber

  • Take the Train

    Rakim: Calling all Rugrats (3x) Please come in Rugrats Take it to the maximum Take it to the max (8x) Rakim: All in together lets make a game We can all win if we play the same Whoever gets caught got to take the blame We gon` take the train, take ...

E-40 f LeVitti

  • Ballin` Outta Control

    Pushed in the game at a young age Feel me touch me as I turn the page A little past ten, roughly about eleven years old dropped in the good location My scratch is smellin sour and it`s stinkin got a nigga seriously thinkin How can I kill this odor, and...

laswell bill

  • babylon ghost

    Song: Babylon Ghost Artist: Bill Laswell Album: Sacred System Chapter One-DUB-Book of Entrance Tabbed by: Jim Lechocki e-mail: Jlechocki@yahoo.com E--3-3--3--3------------3-3--3--3---------------3-3--3--3----------E A-------------3--5-------------...


  • Blank

    an image of a suffering child emotionless experssionless the seduction to believe frustration evolves to bitterness you`ll never feel what i feel this love pulls me through my emotions i`ll never touch this love again i`m left ble...


  • hells garden

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

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