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The Clipse f Baby, Lil Wayne, Noreaga

  • Grindin` (Remix)

    We back y`all... [Clipse] What`s the size of them rims on that car NIGGA? (GRINDIN`) Can they see that chain from a far NIGGA? (GRINDIN`) Whatcha game be like? (GRINDIN`) Whatcha chain be like? (GRINDIN`) So whatcha name be like? (GRINDIN`) Ma, it don...

Воробей Аня

  • Домой

    Вот застряло солнце
    Где-то над рекою
    Ветерок прохладный
    Здесь над Колымой
    Умирало лето
    Прямо за горою
    В пояс поклониться
    И идти домой
    Умирало лето
    По урманам серым
    И тайга прощалась<...

Roy Jones Jr. f Dave Hollister, Hahz the

  • That Was Then

    [Chorus: Dave Hollister] - 2X That`s when I was wylin out I couldn`t care less about Someone gettin hurt, I did my share of dirt [Perion] I went from ashy elbows, to loungin on Melrose Stayin in the best suites for weeks In (?) sheets, alone while you...

Z-Ro f Ashanti

  • 1st Time Again

    [Chorus: Ashanti] You came into my world and taught me thangs And I can`t lie cause boy you did yo` thangs Feel like I`m floatin when I hear yo` name I think you made me fall in love again [Z-Ro - over Chorus] Okay Screwed Up Click Yeah [Z-Ro] Whene...

Винокуров Марк

  • Журавли

    Клин журавлиный, в небе пролетает,
    Над зоною курлычет, высоко,
    Зовёт меня, как будто понимает,
    Что до свободы очень, далеко,
    Я помашу ему, скажу до встречи,
    И мне в ответ вожак махнёт крылом,
    Я так хочу согреть...

T-Rock f C-Mac, 6 Shot, Miss T

  • Had to Clown

    [T-Rock] Now give the skrilla to the mack puffing killer green in this trilla scene I got ho`s who commit more sins then the philistines She`s a redbone, angel eyes, black, Philippine Eating a million dicks a day jaws like the guillotine Large lips and...


  • Pense А Moi

    Je n`aurais jamais dы voir le fond de tes yeux
    Pour m`y croire combler comme tout homme veut
    Je n`aurais jamais dы rкver de nous deux
    Pour qu`au reveil notre conte n`ait rien d`heureux

    J`ai manquй mon heure, mon tr...

RZA f Daddy-O

  • The Birth (Broken Hearts)

    [Intro: RZA (Daddy-O)] Yeah, you knowwhatimean? Cuz yo, this right here Is called Knowledge of Self When you apply that to yourself, you know yourself You understand, yo, it`s gonna get your third eye opened You can see things for what they are, and no...

TRU {C-Murder} f Magic

  • Da Crime Family

    (C-Murder talking) Check this out my nigga. I`ve been a hot boy for a long motherfuckin` time, ya heard me. It was cool for a minute, but shit I gotta jump up out this shit. Free from murder attempts on my life, you know.

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