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Angie Martinez f Q-Tip

  • Dem Thangz

    [Chorus: Q-Tip] Girl, you gotta move dem thangz, dem thangz I wanna see you move dem thangz, dem thangz In the hood dawg, you know they move dem thangz, dem thangz Cause ain`t a damn thing changed man, they move dem thangz (yeah, it`s my thang) [A] Yea...

La the Darkman f Raekwon the Chef

  • As The World Goes Round

    Intro: Raekwon the Chef, [La the Darkman] [what up La the Dark, the Chef true scaped it right, scaped it right scaped it right like white burnin in hell [flip it up like a hell on doe] yeah! yeah! [word, word life La the Dark, dig up to my man cuffed...

Lloyd f Ja Rule

  • ATL Tales/Ride Wit Me

    [Irv Gotti talking] Nobody cares Trouble`s like a cancer, you gotta get it early You don`t get it early it gets to big, it kills you Nobody cares That`s why you gotta cut it out Nobody cares Capeesh Worry about yourself, your family, and people that ar...


  • Confesiones

    tras confesar
    sobre mis rodillas,
    con el peso de mis faltas
    a un rostro oculto
    en baja voz
    confieso mis errores
    confieso mis temores

    ante un pecador
    de carne y hueso
    me con...

Виктор Беседин

orange blue

  • shes got that light

    Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 12:00:00 From: Andreas Zowislo Transcripted by: Alexander Kuenzler Questions? Mail to me! Tuning: Standard (EADGBE).

The Ambassador f Da T.R.U.T.H, S.O.U.L

  • Feels Good

    [Hook] It feels good—`cause I know that I`m gonna cry But I know where I go when I die It feels good—I don`t have to know how to fly Just walk on the road with my God It feels good—when you don`t have to run from the cops And duck when they come to the...

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