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  • this is life

    Chords: intro: G , A , G , A VERSE1: A , E , Bm , E , A, D, A, Bm , E, A, cHOURS: D, A , E , A , D, A , E , Bm , E , A, Picked break : G, A Verse 2 :(same as 1) Chours: (Same) Lyrics: 1. im not gonna wait,For the world to turn my way.

janitors inferno

  • snowman

    From Mon May 12 13:24:46 1997 Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 23:21:44 +0000 From: Anton Olsson To: Cc: Subject: CRD: Snowman by Janitors Inferno [The following text is in the iso-8...

Mission Of Burma

  • Academy Fight Song

    Walk into my room
    Ask me jerky questions
    Don`t mean what you say
    Immaculate protection
    Play by the rules
    So close to the best
    Hope that all`s not lost
    And this is not a waste

    Stay just as fa...

Tech N9ne f 57th Street Rogue Dog Villia

  • Constantly Dirty

    [Tech talking] Yeah man... Niggaz think it`s all peaches and cream Shit`s hard right now man, it`s real shit..

Anybody Killa

  • 2 Whom This May Concern

    [Intro] -x2 Do I really wanna see so clear Even though I know bad things might appear Tell me that it`s not a waste of time To ride around and stare up here to try and clear my mind [Verse 1] I was asked this question, not too far back Did you ever th...

jannacci enzo

  • ci vuole orecchio | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    by Maurizio Codogno ( {title: Ci vuole orecchio} {subtitle: Enzo Jannacci} E la bo[Bb]bina continua a g[Bb+]irare, sм ma la [Gm7]base va avanti anche da [Dm]sola [Bb7] e noi che ab[Eb]biamo tutta la voce in gola?[E][F] ma con...

The Beatnuts f Marly Metal

  • Contact

    [Intro] Beatnuts Word Up Get hi hi high We puff la la la la la la la la la And we all just hi hi high We puff la la la la la la la la la Beatnuts get hi hi high Junkyard [Marly Metal] I caught shorty`s eye at the bar She had an ill shape she like a g...


  • i cant help myself

    Songs: I can`t help my self Artist: Feline Tabbed by: James Sanctuary F# - F# / C / B = V Some-ones gonna have to stop me soon before I hurt myself. Your far too willing to believe it when I say I don`t need your help.

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