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Ludacris f Chingy, I-20, Tity Boi

  • We Got

    [Ludacris] DTP we got them guns that go... [I-20] Yea I`m all about that pistol playa, cold blooded killa Niggaz recognize my name, I dub the young dealer You better tell ya man that with the gages I`m nice I`ll shoot up y`all white shirts until y`all...

Never Engine, The

  • A Life of Violence

    if i bite my tongue much longer i`ll choke on blood. the issue isn`t you; it`s my violence i live a life of limp fists and slit wrists dead white legs splayed out in numbered rows do you want to be one of those? i`ll never be a safest bet a woman`s s...

Popa Wu f

  • Visions of the Tenth Chamber

    Typed by: [Intro: 5ft Hyper Snyper] Turn up my mic a little bit, so I won`t have to scream Turn up my mic a little bit, so I won`t have to scream, Buddha Word, aight, yo, aight [5ft Hyper Snyper] All stand in attention, it`...

Ирина Климова

  • Ветер любви

    Дым от сгоревших в ночи сигарет В небо зовёт луна Ты забываешь, что наша любовь Это всего лишь сейчас Мы расстаёмся чтоб встретить опять Безветренные дни И остаётся покорно ждать Что мне приснятся сны Ветер любви закружит ночь Слёзы мои - всего лишь ...

Jennifer Page

  • Crush

    Ahh, crush, ahhh

    I see ya blowin` me a kiss
    It doesn`t take a scientist
    To understand what`s going on baby
    If you see something in my eye
    Let`s not over analyze
    Don`t go too deep with it baby

xutos e pontapes

  • o homem do leme

    E--12-12-13-----10-10------------------------------------------------------ B----------12-13-----13-13-12-12-10-10-9-9-7-5-4-5------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------...


  • Did You Know?

    I don`t think you re-al-ised
    That there was something in my eyes
    I don`t think you knew
    Just the way I felt about you
    I just guess that you don`t feel
    You at least don`t know what is real

    And did you kn...

Lost Boyz f LG

  • We Got That Hot Shit

    [Mr. Cheeks] Let`s see these niggas gummin Since `86 we had the streets hummin I bet these niggas never seen it coming Every days a crisis Seems like paying dues, is paying prices It`s time to show these niggas whose the nicest with these rap devices W...

Ann Lee

  • 2 times

    So never mind what you`re gonna do Easy come, come the way you go I never find what I`m looking for Easy done, done but give me more Two times, three times Two times, three times, ah So don`t you mind what you`re gonna do Easy come, come the way you ...

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