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Lil` Cease f Bristal, Lil` Kim, Puff Dad

  • Wonderful World of Cease A Leo

    [Puffy] As we proceed To give you what you need B.I.G., mutha fucka`s Lil` Cease, mutha fucka`s [Bristal] Yo, handsome Hansun Got dough like the Hanson`s Niggas come fast, went out like Helly Hanson Mr.

NAAM Brigade f Freeway

  • Early in the Game

    [Intro - Freeway] Uh oh! Uh oh! Another one {bites the dust} Uh oh! Uh oh! Another one {bites the dust} Make Free and I`ll fuck you up, you up! [Verse 1 - Freeway] I`m with the NAAM Brigade so warn your boys you better, arm your boys I snatch don`t go...

Alex Baroni

  • Binario 4

    Sei partitaadesso senza di me dal binario 4, senza di me mi и rimasto addosso il profumo tuo me ne sto cosм, ma se fossi qui Mi rimane questo adesso di te il binario 4, che sembra un po` me scendo per le scale stai pensandomi, o no su quel treno lм, ma...

City Drive, The

  • Before We Die

    The end is guaranteed;
    it catches up with speed.
    For some, it comes a little sooner.

    But we`ll put up a fight,
    and I can tell tonight,
    a look is building up inside your eye.

    You know we don`t hav...

Eve f The L.O.X.

  • Double R What

    [Intro] Jadakiss: What up what up what up, yea! Styles: Eve let`s do it again! Hahaha... [Verse 1: Styles] Yea it`s the ghost Jada and Eve I squeeze my shit, I don`t wave it and leave Y`all motherfuckin` extra lame Here`s the game, when I shoot seeds,...

Ludacris f U.G.K.

  • Back for the First Time

    Yeah nigga got that Ludacris Got that UGK that Disturbing the Peace Click And you know what i`m tired of? I`m tired of these flashing ass flossing ass niggas So if you see one you know what you do? Chorus: Stick em up stick em up bitch stick em up Put...


  • Back on the Scene

    Ayo Ayo (What`s that?) One time for your mind (Back again) Grand Imperial (Ayo, yo) You know the name (Check it out) Rasco Ha, ha Yo, who think they challengin` the nigga wit` the illest rhyme patternin`? Fuckin` wit` Ras, I have your whole team scatt...

Adam Kay

  • London Underground

    Some people might like to get a train to work or
    drive in in a beamer or a merc
    Some guys like to travel in my bus
    But i can`t be bothered with the fuss
    Today i`m gonna take my bike
    `Cos once again the tube`s on str...

Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz f Pharrell

  • Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer)

    [Ying Yang Twins in background w/ ad-libs] [Intro - Pharrell Williams] Turn me up, turn me up, turn me up! turn me up! Yo! turn me up, turn me up! up some more! Up - up some more! Up - up some more! Yeah, up up some more! [Verse - Pharrell Williams] ...

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