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Method Man f Kon Artis, Redman, Snoop Do

  • We Some Dogs

    [Chorus: Kon Artis - repeat 2X] If I`m a dog, then we some dogs We all gunna chase cats, tell them dog Girl don`t waste that swallow it all We just some dogs, we just some dogs [Method Man] By any means necessary, it`s on Bitch, your fucking with a d...

The Fall

  • 15 WAYS

    No need to be down-hearted, There must be 10 ways to leave your man. Don`t be broken-hearted, There are many ways to leave your man, Leave your man. x3 You gotta be cheerful-hearted, There`s at least 15 ways to leave your man.


  • As The Sky Turns Black Again (love Etern

    She came from the lake of eternal fire With tears of blue oil on her cheeks She sang ancient tunes in harmony And danced through the mist in the fullmoon light She whispered stories of her fantasies Erotic tales of love in forbidd...


  • Beef

    Chorus: I can`t sleep nigga, I can`t eat If we got beef, if we got beef NOW (4x) First Verse: It ain`t no secret, if I`m beefin` wit`cha I`ll call my nigga, Telly Bill and let him deal wit`cha Ten G`s richer, I take this war shit personal But it`s ...

Kruger Kris

  • Be Mine

    Be Mine Be Mine Sweet Valentine Be Mine now and forever Be Mine Be Mine Sweet Valentine Be Mine never apart what-so-ever Be Mine Be Mine Sweet Valentine Be Mine through any weather Be Mine Be Mine Sweet Valentine Be Mine always......

Shaquille O` Neal f Peter Gunz and Publi

  • Make This a Night to Remember

    (Intro) (Shaquille O` Neal) Come on bounce (yeah) Yeah T.W.IsM. fam (uh-huh) Peter Gunz, Peter Gunz Big Shaq, Shaq Dog The rock is for all the females who wanna play (Yeah), yeah, (wha) one time Wha-wha-wha-wha check it uh-huh Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha ...

The Beatles

  • A Day In Life

    I read the news today oh boy about a lucky man who made the grade and though the news was rather sad well i just had to laugh i saw the photograph he blew his mind out in a car he didn`t notice that the lights had changed a crowd ...

Белый Игорь

  • Фатальное полотно

    Попытка вспомнить басню

    Вороне как-то Бог послал кусочек сыра.
    На ель плутовка взгромоздясь,
    Тем сыром закусить уже решила.
    Тут на беду лиса бежала мимо.
    Заметив плод трудов сыроваренных,
    Лиса как будто...

Евгений Крылатов

  • Что было

    Что было - то и будет
    Пускай судьба рассудит,
    Пред этой красотою
    Все суета и дым...
    Бродяга и задира,
    Я обошел полмира,
    Но встану на колени
    Пред городом моим...

    Не знаю я, известно ль вам,

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