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Boehse Onkelz

  • 10 Jahre

    Tag ihr Lgner Ihr wit schon,wen ich meine ich mein die Medien die Groen wie die Kleinen wir warn Euch wohl nicht glatt genug Ihr knnt uns nicht verstehn 10 Jahre ging es ohne Euch auf die nchsten zehn 10 Jahre - die gleiche Scheie...

Fitzgerald Ella

  • ill wind

    ILL WIND I don`t know it this is right, just... let me know what`s wrong here. Here it goes... (Dedicated to Julie Benz, Darla for that AWESOME ep in Angel where she DID sing this one.) C E Am Blow, ill wind, blow away Cm G L...

Cowboy Troy f James Otto

  • Beast on the Mic

    [Chorus - James Otto] I`m a beast on the mic, can`t get no satisfaction Step aside `cause it`s time for some action I`m a hick rhyme sayer with a kung fu grip I get the job done `stead of talkin` `bout it [Verse 1 - Cowboy Troy] Early in the mornin I...

Dr. Octagon

  • Biology 101

    Yeah At 40,000 kelvin, it`s Dr. Octagon, with the Emperor General drop down to 40 g`s can science achieve the unified theory of complex systems permenantly skeptical of friends of the institute external faculty, a routine exerts s...

Fitzgerald Patrik

  • (a Love Song For Punk Music)

    I don`t love you for your graveyard eyes I don`t love you for your shaven thighs I just love you for that Beat-beat-beat-beat-beating I don`t love you for your tattered tie I don`t love you, and I don`t know why I just love you fo...

Mob Figaz f Billy Bathgate, Crooked Eve

  • Soldier`s Paradise

    A soldiers paradise You can`t fuck with that [The Jacka] Smoking robalaids for hop Now I`m hooked, I can`t stop Twist a chop, hop in a 500 drop With the big homie Bo loc drive slow I got the four benz I`ll be the twins on me Peeling 80 off the Alize T...

Jenniffer Rush and Elton John

  • Flames Of Paradise

    You`re walkin` talkin` like a flame You`re walkin` talkin` like a flame baby. Never knew what my heart would be facing guess I must have been blind Sayin` goodbye to you baby you baby to baby you baby.

Master P f No Limit`s All Stars

  • No Limit Soldiers II

    (Master P) Oh yea It`s Christmas time nigga Well muthafuckin Merry Christmas and New Years nigga (ha,ha) Yall didn`t think we was gonna do it again Hah nigga what MP be my name From the ghetto to fame Got them MAKE `EM SAY UGHHH (UGHHH) Got the wo...

Abyssic Hate

  • DepressionPart I

    Far beyond the walls of all safety in a land Disgusting as the highest of God`s heavens Starved hands keep appearing - clawing Tearing shreds out of the flesh and mind And as the sands crawl their unchanging path All means seemin...

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