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Royal Fam f True Master

  • Army Brigade

    * originally on the New York to Paris compilation [Timbo King] Army brigade, guns, grenades, fuck a parade A dirty blade pierces your skin, you search for aid Medical, Royal goverment, the federal Knight to King-Bishop 3, my move is jettin you It`s ac...

Rui Da Silva

  • Touch me

    You will always be my baby I`m always thinking of you, baby Yeah Touch me in the morning And last thing at night Keep my body warm, baby You know it feels right Take a little higher I`m thinking it too (too) Tell me what you`re feeling I feel it with...

LL Cool J feat. Brandy

  • Sittin Up In My Room (Doug Rasheed Remix

    [LL Cool J Brandy got to make it hot LL Cool J got to make it hot uh Brandygot to make it hot LL Cool J got to make it hot uh real love is hard to maintain drama people try to make it reign word to Marduke boothere aint no substitute naw the broth...

Potna Deuce f Mac Lee, Young D Boyz

  • Strivin`

    [ CHORUS ] Can`t nobody really stop my strive How I live, that`s my life (Vallejo, V-Town, Valley-Joe) (Vallejo, V-Town, Valley-Joe) (Vallejo, V-Town, Valley-Joe) (Vallejo, V-Town, Valley-Joe No respect for the muthafuckin po-po) --> E-40 [ VERSE 1: ...

Аркадий Лебедев

  • (Подражание романсу)

    Стихи Дм.Леонова

    Am H7 E7 Am

    Я браком законным с тобой сочетался.

    F С G7 С

    Ты браком закон...


  • Je Veux Nager

    arno - je veux nager

    Tu penses que les femmes m`adorent
    Tu penses que mon nez est pas trop grand
    Tu penses que je suis intelligent
    Tu penses que je pense

    Et moi je veux nager
    Encore une fois av...

Dark Mordor

  • A.B.N.

    Liptбk, Пuriљ - Пuriљ

    Stratenэ иas nбvrat
    myљlienok spдќ
    na konci sнl
    kde sa pohnъќ
    zdrhnъќ niekam preи
    zriecќ sa ћivota
    uvoѕniќ putб vlastnej reality
    z nepochopenэch slov
    niи nezostбv...

Puff Daddy f Lil` Cease

  • Big Ole Butt *

    * cover version of the LL Cool J song from Walking With a Panther [Puff Daddy] Uh-huh, uh, yeah What you say? C`mon, yeah Uh-huh...


  • Charlie Charlie

    On zmienil mnie mуj Charlie Charlie
    To zaczelo sie latem rok wstecz
    Mimo mlodych lat juz zdazyl gwiazda byc
    Jak wiesz bardzo dobry mial styl
    Taki slodki mial styl

    Charlie Charlie
    Byl ma podroza dz...

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