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Limp Bizkit f Bubba Sparxxx

  • Rearranged (Timbaland Remix)

    [Fred Durst] Just think about it Just think about it [Fred Durst] Lately I`ve been skeptical Silent when I would used to speak Distant from all around me Who witness me fail and become weak Life is overwhelming Heavy is the head that wears the crown I...

Jedi Mind Tricks f Percee P

  • Walk With Me

    [Vinnie Paz] It`s Vinnie paz daddy! Jedi mind tricks! My man Stoupe holdin it down it`s the real raw shit the hardcore shit, kna-am sayin? Yea [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Friday the thirteen-style slashing ya face bashing ya face, tell ya army, get back to...

kitt david

Lenny Kravitz and amp; James Brown

  • Papa Got A Brand New Bag

    James Brown Come here sister Papa`s in the swing He ain`t too hip About that new breed babe Lenny Kravitz He ain`t no drag Papa`s got a brand new bag Lenny Kravitz Come here mama And dig this crazy scene He`s not too fancy But his line is pretty cl...

RockRap Superstar

  • Cypress hill

    chorus: So you wanna be A rap/rock superstar, And live large A big house, 5 cars, You`re in charge Comin` up in the world, Don`t trust no body Gotta look over your Shoulder constantly I remember the days When I was a Young kid growin` up looking in th...

Looptroop f Timbuktu

  • Reclaim the City

    [Timbuktu] In the year 2000, watch out for Looptroop coming to reclaim a city near you It`s Timbuk with the truth, detonate your city like a nuke And duck from blue suits and cop boots Headline the news and reclaim the avenues Scare them nazi crews wi...

Paul Wall f Big Pokey

  • Sittin` Sideways

    * [Chorus 2x] Sittin` sideways, boys in a daze Sittin` sideways, boys in a daze Sittin` sideways, boys in a daze On a Sunday night I might bang me some..

Evil Jake

  • LSI Song

    listen to at

    LSI is like
    your gay uncle Mike
    although in spite
    of the drinks I spike
    Curtis likes to fuck with n00bs
    James would rather touch boobs
    Maile c...

Lil` O f Zilla

  • Red Beans N` Rice

    (*talking*) All thick girls report to the dance floor Right motherfucking now, ya heard me It`s about to go down, yeah you come here [Lil` O & (Zilla)] Uh, uh, uh (where them P-Poppers at) Come here, uh, uh (where them P-Poppers at) Yeah you, uh, uh (...

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