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Pop Da Brown Hornet f Down Low Recka, T.

  • One Shot Deal

    [Intro: Down Low Recka] Eh yo , yo, you got one shot, one shot One at a time man, don`t be floodin the mic Word up, but you got to keep it real Cuz bitch ass niggaz, hip-hop is on another level And ain`t havin it no more son [Pop Da Brown Hornet] Aiyy...

Erik Santos

  • I Will Never Leave U

    you are safe
    here in my arms
    never fear
    i`ll be beside you
    feel my love
    touchin` your soul
    holdin` you close as i whisper to you

    i will never leave you
    hold on tight
    promise to stay ...

Fabolous f DJ Clue

  • Ghetto Fabolous

    (Verse 1) F-A-B-O, L-O-U-S F-A-B-O, L-O-U-S I don`t understand how niggaz insist to knows bout How we spend car money to glist our rollz out Play bars and buy the Cris and Moes out Flash benjies just to twist the hoez out Fabolous the one from the Mena...

J. Rawls f Grap Luva, J. Sands

  • Check the Clock

    [Grap Luva] Yeah, recognize the vocal cords, uh! Grap Luva ya`ll alongside Lone Catalysts Yo check it out Yo I refuse to lose even though I`m battered and bruised They tried to black my third eye but I still come through Crushin the lactose rapper, sh...

No Knife

  • Academy Flight Song

    someone crashed the party and i thought the worst part was over `til she took aim and struck me dead so now i guess it`s what`s in fashion taking part in new direction i thought i`d covered everything but it`s not what they say now this distance won`...

Вадим Артюшкевич

  • Баллада о мечте

    Вадим Артюшкевич

    Am Dm

    На мечтах мы не пишем записок,

    E EaddF Am

    На полях у надежд не рисуем.


Ja Rule f Sizzla

  • The Crown

    [Chorus: Sizzla] + [Ja ad libs] They can`t keep a good man down Always keep a smile when they want me to frown Keep the vibes and they stood my grounds They will never ever take may crown (let`s get to the song) Who Ja` Bless I say no man curse Things...

P. Diddy f Loon, Marsha

  • On Top

    Yeah [3x] [Loon] Yo I`m a gangsta, outlaw; indoor, outdoor Nigga tell me, right, Loon goin south paw (that`s right) It`s Bad Boy we don`t give a fuck about y`all (that`s right) Step in the room see the bitch come up out y`all (that`s right) I fuck wit...

Outkast f Slim Cutta Calhoun

  • High Schoolin`

    Life Ooooh, yeeeeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Dre 3000] Yeah yeah uh Been always told to keep my head up But three shakes just don`t cut the cake when your necktie from bobbing Life`s a stage, street`s the cage, we dungeon rats Outkast and Goodie Mob...

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