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king freddy

  • hide away

    From: abostick@netcom.com (Alan L. Bostick) Subject: TAB: Hide Away (Freddy King) HIDE AWAY (F. King - S.

Nicole f Dent, Lil` Mo

  • Curiosity

    [Nicole] C`mon, make it hot Ooh ooh (x2) Let me know, let me know What you want, what you want [Nicole Verse One] The curiosity, baby it`s killing me Cause I can tell that you`re interested, I Can sense that you`re feeling me Your actions mean more to...

Виктор Куликовский

king harvest

  • Dancing In The Moonlight

    We get it almost every night When that ol` moon gets-a big and bright It`s a supernatural delight Everybody`s dancin` in the moonlight Everybody here is out of sight They don`t bark, and they don`t bite They keep things loose, th...

Владимир Крастошевский

  • Баллада о триединстве

    Владимир Крастошевский

    Упадает белый снег на застывшие деревья.

    Все, что было очевидным, обернется суетой.

    Серый с розовым закат нахлобучит, словно шапку,

    словно шапку н...

Jay-Z f Freeway

  • 8 Mile Soundtrack

    * send corrections to the typist [Jay-Z] Yeah, Renegades is back Em the B the sick It`s Young, Freeway, 8 Miles, let`s go 8 miles and running, got my 7th album droppin` And my 8th album comin`, feedin` a thousand growlin` stomachs But I can rewind th...

Lil` Romeo f Ms. Peaches

  • My Baby

    [Deejay] Hotline [caller] Can I request a song? [Deejay] Yeah [caller] My Baby by Lil` Romeo {*giggling*} [Deejay] You got that [Chorus: Lil` Romeo and Ms.

Jedi (Son of Spock) f Yeshua Da PoED

  • Spitmode

    [Yeshua Da PoED] Yeah, ah, yeah, we just cooling in the lab Got my man Jedi about to set it off [Jedi] Yo 1, 2, yo Brothers be sayin` that I`m out of line `Cuz I got a rhyme that run up your spine And clog up arteries like swine But, yo, I got a min...

king jonathan

  • everyones gone to the moon

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