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  • Wreath of barbs

    Смысл гибели богов Недоступен для людей И не страшно умирать Зная, что придешь опять Может быть придешь опять Он может стать таким, как ты И он не должен проиграть Ты хочешь стать таким, как он Умри за нас, Wreath of Barbs Wreath of Barbs...


  • Forever

    So, you say you want to talk~~~ but really you don`t want to
    be with me~~~~ but that`s alright that`s alright, that`s okay,commitment
    dosen`t have to lead you astray.

Yannick Noah and Jean-Louis Aubert,Louis Bertignac,Marc Lavoine

  • Un Autre Monde

    Je rкvais d`un autre monde
    Oщ la Terre serait ronde
    Oщ la Lune serait blonde
    Et la vie serait fйconde

    Je dormais а poings fermйs
    Je ne voyais plus en pied
    Je rкvais rйalitй, ma rйalitй

    Je r...

Funkmaster Flex f King Sun

  • King Sun Freestyle

    Ain`t no rapper who could stifle this I`m twice as triflin, as Satan`s worst disciple is Better get that through your head right quick Better yet, you get your crew if the ?shred`s by picks? Out of nowhere, cats with no fear, show fear Trust me after t...

Over The Line

  • Awakening Of Fall

    As I fall out of love with you, we fall together on our knees, the willow trees that weep; I`ll meet you at the funeral, like actors in a movie scene. Promise more moments like this. The streets will flow with the blood of the no-believers.

Puff Daddy f Black Rob

  • I Love You Baby

    (I`ll always be there for you) [Puff] Yeah (I`ll never betray you) [Puff] Mmm, mmm, mmm (I love you baby) [Puff] I love you baby Verse One: Black Rob I met her Uptown on Dyckman, aight then Talkin that, how she only dealt with businessmen Niggaz ba...

Juicy J f Lord Infamous

  • Smoke Dat Weed

    [Juicy J] Yeah, we high as a junt up in this motherfucker I`m drinkin some fruit punch; thats belvedere vodka and cranberry juice YouknowwhatI`msayin? The engineer high, everybody highhhhhhhhhhh [Chorus 4x] Smoke, smoke, smoke dat weed Smoke, smoke, s...

Los Marijuanos f Claudia

  • Mi Carnal

    (pony boy talking) ay padre nuestro celestial diosito why did you have to take my homie? why did you have to take my homie man?! I don`t understand you hear me?! I don`t understand!! (pony boy) Rest in peace mi carnal Yo se que cosas fueron mal I know...

Ja Rule f 0-1, Jodie Mack

  • Pain is Love

    [Ja Rule] Gangsta.. you know Huh, gangsta, c`mon, hehe Uhh.. got my nigga Vin Diesel in the house, y`know Number one movie in the country and all that Haha! Yo..

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