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  • Check It Out

    From a nickel and dime ass nigga To a top top top....big rigga Check it Check it Out Check it Out Check it Out Check it Check it Out Check it Out Check it Out Check it Out Check it B-Legit: It ain`t cell in this town that can hold And fuck the task fo...

C-Bo f AP-9, Spice 1

  • As the World Turns

    [C-Bo] I hits em up with a two finger Out the roof of a regal And combat fool I m knowing to pack a Desterin egal Niggas know the rules Under pressure from pete wilson And all these new laws For filling my draws And never pause a straight hog Fuck some...

DJ Clue f Jadakiss, Mary J. Blige

  • Back 2 Life 2001

    [Mary J. Blige w/ Soul II Soul in background] Steady are you ready? (are you ready?) What`s goin on? (whats goin on?) Steady are you ready? (are you ready) What`s goin on? (tell me whats goin on) Cold fresh air feeeel the mellow dip thats in the air Oh...

Виктор Тюменский

  • Анти гоп-стоп

    А мы из-за угла не подходили И, в общем никого и не бомбили Нам все, что было есть, лохи отдали сами Вот это пилотаж судите вместе с нами Эх, в рот мне компот наливай да взбалтывай На чужое, на добро, губы не раскатывай И нас никто не просит вовсе о ...


  • Beyond the eyes of universe

    Kid, stay and snip your cord off, talk and let your mind loose, can`t
    all think like Chekov but you`ll be O.K.


  • Altamont

    Altamont, now, won`t be the same
    When we see each other again
    If it all falls apart, who is to blame?

    Don`t you think it`s time to get real?
    I want to scream out the way I feel
    I`m so tired of watching you ba...


  • All I Need

    Drop the beat

    Too much gone of the day
    Yeah you were on your way
    Said there was nothing I could say
    And I got the drop on you
    I see what you do
    Just wanna see you run me through
    And I don`t wann...

De La Soul f BizMarkie

  • Buhloone Mindstate

    * BizMarkie starts out the song beatboxing while De La Soul chants the words I`ll beatbox * [Dove] Ah mic test one two [BizM] Aww man, I check it better [DeLa] Ah whatcha mean BizMarkie? Whatcha mean BizMark? [BizM] I hit the rhyme with the mayonna...

Cannibal Ox f Alaska, Cryptic

  • Atom

    [Vast Aire] Yo, I ain`t superstisious but these niggaz is nice [Cryptic] A lot of cats pop shit, I pop apocalypse Toppin propaganda force fed to the populace My thoughts run the gamut from outstandin to preposterous On top of this I move posteriors Br...

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