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Pacewon f Melanie Blatt, Young Zee

  • I`m Leavin` (Remix) *

    * slightly different from the version on Outsidaz` The Bricks LP [Young Zee] Is it, I loose my cool, every once in a blue moon Leave a girl stranded in a hotel room Cuz ain`t nothin` worse then flirtin` and teasin` Trynna lift the skirt (I`m a virgin)...

Flashy and Akon

  • Stay Down

    [Hook] How many days we gonna live our life struggling on the streets How many days we gotta live our life searching for a way to eat You gotta stay down stay down just to see a brighter day Stay down stay down just to live a better way Stay down stay ...

LL Cool J f Total

  • Loungin` (Who Do You Love Remix)

    [LL Cool J] How you doin miss? My name is L I`m from Queens I heard about your man he like to lace you wit cream Dolce Gabbana, Mo-ski-no wit Donna jeans but he slipped up, and threw his rock to a fiend He be playin like a Willie cause he dress ya dov...

Penhead f Mr. Blackston, Victa Creed

  • Legendary

    It`s legendary [ VERSE 1: Mr. Blackston ] Purposely hurtin people Makin certain that what I`m squirtin`s lethal I see through feeble attempts to equal my evil Malicious attempts to circumvent your defense Concealin my moves so the suspense be immense ...

Funkmaster Flex f Wu-Tang Clan, Harlem H

  • The Mix Tape Volume III

    [Raekwon] Aiyyo, American Cream Team productions, bustin [Chip Banks] Harlem World, Shaolin [Raekwon] We back..

Pimp Daddy f Lil` Ya, Yella Boy

  • Legend Live

    {Lil` Ya} Fa` sho {Yella Boy} Rest In Peace Pimp much fuckin` love nigga {Lil` Ya} Huh-bra {Yella Boy} All The Time {Lil` Ya} From Lil` Ya and Yella who it is! {Yella Boy} It`s the fella with the chuck`s watch yo step motherfucka see It`s Yella ...

Fam-Lay f Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz

  • Step Back

    [Intro - Lil Jon] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!! Star Trak!! Yeah! Yeah! ah BME Clique!! Yeah! Hey! That nigga Fam-Lay bitch! Yeah! Yeah! Lil Jon and them East Side Boyz!! [Chorus - Lil Jon & (The East Side Boyz)] Pussy nigga won`t ya (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!) Bitch...

Jimmy Cozier f Fabolous

  • Jimmy Cozier

    [Fabolous Talkin] Yeah... Ugh... F-A, B-O, L-O, U-S, Ugh... Desert Storm, Jimmy... Okay.... ladiez... [Fabolous] Ugh, ugh yo...

La the Darkman f Mala Campbell

  • Love

    (If you can, you walk out that door) Yeah, It`s like a cycle Word up, You know women dunn? Can`t live with `em Can`t live without `em Uhh, But one thing they have to understand That knowledge is first Word up, You know Love...

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