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P$C f Lil Scrappy, T.I.

  • I`m a King (Remix)

    [Verse One: T.I.] Now, e`rybody wanna be the king of the South When, they ain`t runnin a damn thing but they mouth No doubt, it`s all good, y`all just statin y`all opinion But in the South and in the hood it`s understood without sayin It`s a given, and...

N.W.A (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, Snoop

  • Chin Check

    [911 dispatch] 911, forty reporting [woman] hello 911, help me, help me [911 dispatch] what is your emergency [woman] there`s someone in my house, there`s someone in my house [911 dispatch] can you please run by your address for me [woman] 151 Shenedoa...

Fat Joe f R. Kelly

  • Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)

    [Fat Joe (R. Kelly)] (Ooohhh, mmm) Yea, uh, uh (Fat Joe and the R) That shit y`all (Breakin shit down) Shake that, funky, funky, funky (Yeah) Sticky, icky, icky - yeah uh I got that shit y`all I got that shit y`all Uh yo yo [Fat Joe] Crackman and I`m ...


  • Self Explanatory

    {Journalist} (Journalist) Uh, Journalist, (idealist), and it`s a journey (I`m the journalist) Urban wars (the flow) I don`t fuck around Crazy World, Motown motherfuckers Uh, dream team (Idealist, and it`s a journey, I`m the Journalist) I don`t fuck ar...

LL Cool J f Kandice Love

  • Amazin`

    [LL Cool J] C`mon, and you don`t stop (here go another one) Uhh, uhh, and you don`t stop (here go another one) Uhh, uhh, and you don`t stop (here go another one) (Feel me baby, it`s on) Uhh, I was launched off the block, straight to the top To yachts ...


  • 1308 Ohio

    I feel the warmer days a coming Kicking the cold right out the door I can see the equinox approaching Vernal sky no longer pours And I open up my window Let a cool breeze blow in And I rush out of this dark house So I can breathe...

Nasty Boy Klick f Mark T and Sonny Willi

  • I Had a Choice

    [Mark T & Sonny] Holdin` hands, strollin` through the park (Oooohhh) Sweet memories (Yeahhh) Are torn apart (Ooohh) I made a promise I could not keep (I could not keep) I played around, oh girl, I made you weep [Chorus- Mark T & Sonny] I had a choice,...

Foxy Brown f Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek

  • 4-5-6

    [Beanie Sigel] Ughh, ughh, yeah This is Beanie Sigel That Philly cat who ain`t with that silly rap Put your weight up, not your hate up, niggas Y`all know how I play quiet towns and tie `em down Haters wonderin` how I got a position with Roc Cuz I list...

Necro f Captain Carnage, Goretex, Ill Bi

  • Circle of Tyrants

    [Necro] I`m like a dead corpse Crawling out the dirt, on some zombie shit Aiming for your neck to bite the flesh where the veins connect My brains incorrect, traumatize you in a sec My raps like cracks in a decksotenic intellect Slaughters you, I got m...

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