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Popa Wu f Lady Raw

  • I Ain`t Playin No More

    [Intro: Lady Raw] Uh, see this right here This is for niggas who think I`m playin I`m not playin no more I`m leavin niggas on the floor What the fuck you expect? It`s Raw Come on nigga, come on and shit [Lady Raw] This world got me not knowin, what th...

Foreign Exchange f Yahzarah

  • Sincere

    [Yahzarah] Sometimes I feel so all alone here People in my eardrum to destroy this love of ours We`ve built, I`m tired.

Jedi Mind Tricks f Ras Kass

  • Rise of the Machines

    [Mike Tyson: Sample] I was gonnna rip his heart out, I`m the best ever I`m the most brutal and most vicious and most ruthless champion there`s ever been My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable And I`m just ferocious, I want your heart! I wanna...

Lil` Bing, Lil` Villain, Grimm, Ikeman

  • Lately

    (Chorus): [Lil` Bing] Lately I been thinking bout a major I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper Lately I been thinking bout a major I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper Lately I been thinking bout a major I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper Lately I be...

Justin Timberlake f 50 Cent

  • Cry Me a River (Remix)

    [Intro: 50 Cent] Yeah Supposed to have a remix That`s how you make One hit record, and then two Haha, 50 Cent G G G G G-Unit I remember when you used to love me You used to kiss and hug me I look into your eyes and get lost for a day You love me is wha...

Nelly J.Timberlake

  • Work it

    Let`s go oh Baby Show Something Don`t say nothing (Don`t you say a word) I just want to See you work it (Come on baby work it for me) That ain`t frontin Show me something (Let me see it girl) I just try to See you work it (I just wanna see you...

Pep Rally Heroes, The

  • Final Letter

    We’ve said our goodbyes Now we’re moving on I’m sorry it was this way Why can’t you quit writing Why can’t you be gone There’s nothing left to say So bring these letters to a point It’s not worth my time...

Lil` Flip f Play, Will Lean

  • La La La

    [Hook] Lil` Flip always smokin` that la la la Will Lean always smokin` that la la la Play-hef always smokin` that la la la It`s Clover G`s and you know my lullaby, come on Excuse me bitch, you know I`m rich So don`t snitch about how I hustle Cause I go...

Obie Trice f D-12

  • Outro

    (*gun cocked back*) [Eminem] Nah, we ain`t done (*echo*) I love bein hated, it great It let`s me know that I made it I wouldn`t have it no other way I wouldn`t trade it for the world Only let`s me know that I`m loved by so many other motherfuckers th...

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