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Steve & Co

  • Flensburg

    Flensburg isґne schöne Stadt in der man was erleben kann,
    das ist Flensburg ne schöne Stadt.

    Dann geht es ab zur Förde man, da erlebste mal was die so
    kann, das is`Flensburg ne schöne Stadt.

Five Satins

  • In The Still Of The Night

    In thestill of the night I held you Held you tight `Cause I love Love you so Promise I`ll never Let you go In the still of the night I remember That night in May The stars were bright above I`ll hope and I`ll pray To keep your preci...

Jae Millz f Cam`Ron, T.I

  • No, No, No (Remix)

    (Jae Millz) Yea . . . you know we had to do this right here All hoods, stand up All rude bwoys (Cam`Ron) It`s the remix, Killa, Dip Set Harlem, mo say, chrome holla at me (Verse) Doggy I seldom stunt, but got some pell `em stunts Call `em dunts, tell...

Pharrell Williams f Jay-Z

  • Frontin`

    [Pharrell talking] [Verse: Pharrell Williams] Don`t wanna sound full of myself or rude But you ain`t looking at no other dudes cause you love me (I`m sorry but..


  • Countdown

    Countdown- the pain I feel inside Countdown- I`m gonna lose my mind COuntdown- there`s nothign you can do Countdown- I think I blew a fuse Countdown- feels like I got burned Countdown- so much pain in the past Countdown- don`t kno...

Frankie Avalon

  • Beauty School Dropout

    Yourstory`s sad to tell, a teenage ne`er-do-well Most mixed up non-delinquent on the block Your future`s so unclear now, what`s left of your career now Can`t even get a trade-in on your smock Beauty school drop-out, no graduation day for you ...

Lil` Rob f Royal T, Point Blank, OG Span

  • Low Profile Gangsters: Keep It Gangsta

    Typed by: CruisinInBlue86@cs.com [Royal T] Hell Yeah Check this out It`s motherfuckin` Royal T homie Up on this bitch Fuckin` vatos yappin` homie We don`t fuck around at Low Pro [Verse 1] - Never fucking around You wanna be known the way I be puttin`...

John Legend ft Kanye West

  • Number One

    [Intro] Ooh I promise not to do it again I promise not to do it [John Legend] You can`t say I don`t love you Just because I cheat on you Cuz you can`t see all I do To keep you from knowing the things I do Like erase my phone And keep it out of town I ...


  • my girl

    Intro: (clean with Chorus) E D G G [2 times] Drums fill Verse: (distortion) E D G G [4 times] Chorus: C A C A C A G F My Girl --- KARMA Intro Verse ...

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