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kaplansky lucy

  • break a train

    Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 03:43:09 GMT From: Rick L Subject: CRD: Break A Train Lucy Kaplansky Lyrics/Chords Lucy Kaplansky Break A Train written by Cliff Eberhardt C Bm I`m headed south on a railroad tr...

Parle` f Eve, Jadakiss

  • Fix Me

    Intro: [Jadakiss of The LOX] Ha, Parle` Ruff Ryders (Got me down the street) Uh, uh Verse 1: [Jadakiss of The LOX] Yo Catch me comin` out a red lobster In a red Boxer With a red bone and take headshots to Vodka Nothing like a pretty chick, that`s pr...

J-Dawg f Playboy Shaburnke

  • Freak Nasty (Remix)

    Chorus (J-Dawg & Shaburnke): That`s my hoe Freak nasty, jump on it Jump on it Jump on it I already know Freak nasty, jump on it Jump on it Jump on it (Shaburnke) You`ll barely catch me on the radio (True) Cuz I`m nasty as fuck It`s goin` down with me...

Lil` Rob f Mr. Shadow

  • Go Ahead

    [Mr. Shadow] Quivole Mr. Shadow, Lil` Rob Viscious Man Funk on the boards Coming at you for the 98 And it won`t stop Check It [Mr.

Cardigans, The

  • After All...

    Words: Sveningsson
    Music: Svensson

    after all you were perfectly right
    but I`m scaring close to insanity
    and on a night like this
    nothing stays the same
    nothing looks the same

    after all you ...

Flipmode Squad f Buckshot

  • The Imperial

    (Rah-Digga) I be the worst like Nick To all them mc thugs Like them 4 little kids And the teacher gettin plugged I don`t give a fuck style Tell me come jiggy I rock kix and swishees Coppin moet wit 2 counterfeit 50`s What? Dirty girl rhyme spit mucous ...

Jae Millz

  • NBA Allstars

    [Introduction] (Let`s Go) It`s the N.B.A! (YEA) They cheerin for me (Huh it`s me) And now (captain of the team) (I love you too) (Alright let`s go) Startin at (I love you too!)All 5 positions (ha-ha) Straight from Harlem N.Y.C (Lights out for me) it`s...

PH.D (Poet and Hot Day)

  • I`m Flippin`

    [Verse 1] Early one morning, I woke up strong Nothing on my mind but shit going wrong If it ain`t this it`s that, if it ain`t that it`s this Fuck it! I`m blowing my mind it`s time to flip I walk through the block thinking of dope rhymes I see the poss...

Fatal f Mac Mall, Merciless X

  • Outlaws

    [Fatal - talking] O.N.S. in this mother fucker We got The Plague in this mother fucker The Pentagon in this mother fucker [Verse 1 - Fatal] Around these blocks You know these hot glocks Cock till you drop All you wanna-be cops You don`t wanna see shot...

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