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Mike Oldfield & Reilly Maggie

  • Moonlight Shadow (extended version)

    The last that ever she saw him
    Carried away by a moonlight shadow
    He passed on worried and warning
    Carried away by a moonlight shadow
    Lost in the riddle that saturday night
    Far away on the other side
    He was ca...


  • A Bad Azz Mix Tape

    [Hook] Do you see, what I see All I do, is wanna be Somebody, can you feel what I feel I try my best, to keep it real And pay dues [Z-Ro] Extra extra read all about it, I`m going crazy Ro raging with motherfuckers smoking, going eighty Miles per hour,...

John Sebastian

  • Younger Generation

    Why must every generation think they`re folks are square?
    And no matter where they`re heads are, they know mom`s aint there.
    Cause` I swore when I was small, that I`d remember when,
    I knew what`s wrong with them, that I was sma...

Larnelle Harris

  • I Don`t Know Why You Love Me

    Tell me what am I to you,
    That you should care --
    Let me recall the deeds I`ve done
    Deserving your praise;
    And did you die for all my sins because you found me worthy?
    Why, even now you stand before God`s throne,

Jane`s Addiction

  • 1%

    All the people I know wanna be left alone
    Some people! I don`t know?
    They wont leave you alone
    You gotta be just - be just like them

    Biggest gang I know they call the government
    Gang is a weapon
    That yo...

Kurupt f Natina Reed (Blaque)

  • It`s Over

    [Little Girl] Yeah, I saw you up in the club, uh huh You think you was bad cause you had a Jag [Chorus 2X: Natina] It`s over, it`s over now Move over, it`s my turn now It`s over, the game`s shut down - sorry [Little Girl over Chorus] Yeah, yeah, my d...

Stout Earl

  • Armitage Shanks

    *Armitage Shanks, it`s a type of sink Don`t eat foreign meat, `specially if it`s pink A nast bug in your stomach will grow And make your band miss it`s first show Castle Blarney, County Cork Might`ve been the chicken but ti wasn`t...

Kurupt f Deadly Venoms

  • It`s Time

    [Kurupt] DV.... DV.. Yo we trying to make the cash ya`ll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Verse 1: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Fuck this who wanna bring the ruckus Yo I know they know they ain`t fucking wit` no fucking suc...

Stradlin Izzy

  • Bucket O` Trouble

    by: Izzy Stradlin` I said what do you want I said what I think you better go Where the lights are low now Try to come to blow Play you one more song now You wanna know the score You`re just a bag of trouble You h...

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