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Funkmaster Flex f BizMarkie, Charlie Bro

  • Nuttin` But Flavor

    [Funkmaster Flex] Word up, you know the flavor, bounce to the beat It`s the Funkmaster Flex to make you lean in your jeep On, one time for your mind C.

Juelz Santana f Jim Jones

  • My Love (Remix)

    [Intro: Juelz Santana] For lovin me girl Just wanna thank you Look at what you can do man I like this shit right here man Girl c`mon Let`s do it like this [Juelz Santana] Santana`s so focused on you Come holla at a boy that`s focused on you Shorty I a...

kanno yoko

  • real folk blues

    Song: The Real Folk Blues Artist: Yoko Kanno Category: Anime Theme Song (Cowboy Bebop) *Transcribed by George Garcia I decided to transcribe The Real Folk Blues for one reason only...

Janet Jackson f Kayne West

  • My Baby

    [Kayne West] You see I go by the name of Kan the Louis Vuitton Don I`m with my home girl Who need to hook me up with some of her home girls Yeah, Janet Jackson We back, baby [Janet Jackson] Don`t matter what they say baby They just don`t know my baby ...

Project Pat f Juicy J

  • Fuck a Bitch

    (Chorus) 16x Fuck a bitch, mothafuck a bitch (Project Pat) Man its the mack pimp never simp play these bitches like a chimp-panzee pass the fine ass bitch back to the niggaro dick in hole down to they nut come come some off her tongue then I have to...


  • My Nation

    i hate when people
    dont respect kids
    some need welfare
    and people need to
    care it aint fair when
    the kid is in the street
    with no shoes on their
    feet and theyare getting
    beat there`s no need for ...


  • (The) Door

    Baby when i think of all my yesterdays when i dream about tomorrow when i recount my joys when i remember my sorrows sometimes a mans gotta say what he`s gotta say I ain`t hangin` around no more tonight I`m picking up my Samsonit...

Not Applicable

  • Afrodite

    you think you are so hot
    you own the whole wide world
    that everybody depends on you
    you think thatyou are their muse
    their only hope and cure
    so why make it hard
    when you could untherstand
    that no...


  • Darlinґ...I Think About You!

    Yo man, I canґt stop remen this woman
    What about that shit man?
    Sheґs so fine! Yeah, check it out!
    Yeah, check it out! Uh! A little somethin like

    It all started at a discotheque, kind of mistacs,
    I was about ...

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