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Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz f Ying Ya

  • Get Low

    Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum Brrr dum dum dum---dum da da da da dum 3,6,9 standing real fine move it to you suck it to me one mo time Get low, Get low, Get Low, Ge...

Pumpkinhead f Makin` Records Family

  • Dynamic (Remix)

    * also on The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 2 Intro: Just when you thought it was safe. It really wasn`t. Makin` got artists by the dozen. Go tell your mom and your cousin.

Originoo Gunn Clappaz f Rock, Thunderfoo

  • M-Pire Shrikez Back

    [Intro: Starang Wondah] For real, y`all, word up Hennyville Guzzla, my nigga Major Blood I roll with the muthafuckin leader, big Rock And the first and last general of this M.F.C. shit, Sean P.

kaczmarski jacek

  • kon wyscigowy

    Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 15:04:52 +0100 (MET) From: potworek Subject: Kon wyscigowy - Jacek Kaczmarski Artist Jacek Kaczmarski Title Kon wyscigowy >From the album ...

Lil Cease f Blake C, Larceny, Puff Daddy

  • Get Out of Our Way

    Intro: Blake C B.I.G. nigga Forever and ever Yeah You know by now, By now you know You know, my name What is it? Blake C Brooklyn If ya don`t know We bring the thunder, thunder I said I`m here now And I`m never gone Verse One: Larceny Know what I`m ...

Fabolous f Ras Kass

  • Not Give a Fuck (Remix)

    Rick Rock, I took my masters baby I`m here to shake up the world, yeah uh This is the digiwax remix Ras Kass, Ghetto Fab, Fresh [Ras Kass] This is the Man Show Can`t kick it if you don`t get bitches Get riches, hit dro, drink a dee coup Had a bad bitc...

Александр Громов, Кира Максимова

  • Дверь, распахнутая в деревья

    Стихи Хорхе Каррера Андраде

    в переводе С.Гончаренко

    Музыка А.Громова, К.Куперштейн

    Летний сад разморило,

    Дремлет воздух лиловый.

    Ливень листьев нахлынул

Frank N Dank

  • Nice 2 Meet U

    [Hook] How ya doing? Nice 2 meet u Cause were both grown adults And I really wanna get to know you baby [Frank] It`s Time for Nitty just ta Approach you slow with the Shit to get you and drive just like a flow shifter That`s how nitty get ya And girl ...

Ja Rule f Black Child

  • Last of the Mohicans

    [Intro] Heh ha ha.. Yeah.. Yeah.. Last Of The Mohicans` man.. Let`s go! Heh.. You`ll never take me alive.. (It`s time- DJ!) Heh.. (Wake `em up!) I`d like to introduce you all to somebody.. Somebody very dear..

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