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Luke f JT Money

  • Fakin` Like Gangstas

    [Intro: Luke] Yo this is a record about stars fakin like gangstas Gangstas trying to be stars Stars wanting to be ganstas but they really pranksters So I had to get my man JT cause we the only true 2 ex=cons on staff And so we could kick it to you str...

Prime Suspects

  • Cops Runnin` After Ya

    I`m a bird with a fix I lay with the roaches My 85 Cutlass red and it be smoking Posting and hustling Struggling and plugging Mean muggin and thuggin and cursing out you cop suckers My all black soldier Reebok`s with the bubble gum sole Good for walkin...

Funkmaster Flex f Lil` Kim

  • Kim Freestyle

    Mmm, mmm-mmm Check it out, the Queen Bee That`s me My man Flex, he`s up next Yeah, check it out Hey, yo Flex There`s a lot of mufuckers out here that wanna be like us...

Lin Que f MC Lyte

  • Let it Fall (Ses Remix)

    Verse One: Lin Que Uhh, now we got nutcrackers, body snatchers, and heart attackers Mine the three combined, plus other tactics I kick more flips, than acrobatics So your plastic, couldn`t get one charge to my dramatics Don`t pack it, got friends that...

Евгений Калашников


  • As the shadows fall

    As the mourning cries of pain bellows
    And the seeds rot and die
    The nightmare of old is born
    Into a world of song and joy

    In the wind I cry
    In the cold I die
    Sanctuary hollow
    Heaven is to fall

Xzibit f KRS-One

  • Kenny Parker Show 2001

    [KRS-One] You are now tuned in to the ultimate sounds.. of Dr. Dre You know what time it is! Xzibit steps up to the mic layin down the hard-core, real raw, underground My name is KRS-One, and it`s REAL!! [Xzibit] Well it`s me, down with D-R-E X to t...

Z-Ro and Trae f Billy Cook

  • Miss My Dawg

    [Hook] Ain`t a damn thang changed, we still up in this game And you know, I really miss my nigga Screw-U Everyday it be the same, we holding down the name If you haters guaranteed, that we gon do you Cause I really miss my dog, I really miss my dog I r...

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