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Warner Mack

  • All I Have To Offer You Is Me

    Before you take another step there`s something you should know About the years ahead and how they`ll be You`ll be living in a world where roses hardly ever grow Cause all I have to offer you is me There`ll be no mansions waiting o...

Fat Joe f M.O.P., Petey Pablo

  • Fight Club

    Ch-ch-ch-ch... Yeah (Terror Squad.. First Family..) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Yeah, hahahah!) You see them diamonds gliserin off that three-quarterla (Hahaha) Dat dem dere polyesther (Uh, nigga!) Hahaha, ya heard me? (What the fuck, what the fuck, huh?!) (Terro...

Jay-Z and R. Kelly f Beanie Sigel

  • Green Light

    [Jay-Z] Who da fuck can stop us niggaz, it`s gangsta niggaz It`s gangsta! Woo! It`s gangsta nigga! All g-g-gangsta nigga, uhh! [R] Green light - go go, go-go-go, go [R] Go go, go-go-go, go [J] You got the green light to drag your motherfuckin mink [...

Pastor Troy f Peter the Disciple, Blacko

  • Brang Yo Army!

    Verse 1: Peter the Disciple I walk in hell, bucking and fighting, scratching and biting Throwing bows, showing gold`s, and smoking dro`s Drinking yak in the back, presidential Hand in hand with the devil, my team imperial We don`t hang with that busta...

Fat Joe f Armageddon

  • Don Cartagena

    [Armageddon] Yeah yeah Do you Don Cartagena solemnly swear to take this game of hip-hop as your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health, til death do you part? [Fat Joe] I do [Armageddon] Aight then You now may spit on the bride [Fat Joe] I...

Livin` Joy

  • Don`t stop movin`

    Oh yeah Oh yeah... You`ve got to Oh yeah Oh yeah... You`ve got to get it right You can do anything that you want to do With your mind body and soul Do it, prove it to yourself and say I want (I want) I will (I will) I can do anything It`s a difficult...


  • Amp

    Whe rips my mind out she tears my tongue out She pulls my brain out And feeds it to me She wants it so bad The worst I ever had But something`s peculiar And she says it to me Oh, didn`t anyone Oh, didn`t anyone Oh didn`t anyone ...


  • 40 Ounces And A Fool

    featuring Da Old Skool

    The Perpetating
    Balling Ass Nigga On Your Block
    With Slave Money
    From The Record Company I`m Popping
    Now I`m On My Way
    To The Neighborhood Liquir Store
    To Help Sell M...


  • Driver

    Я еду на чужой тачке и жую жвачку Стиморол.
    Передо мной опасная развилка педаль тормоза ушла в пол.
    Карга переходит дорогу, как улитка ползет она по ней.
    Для начала переехал я ей ногу, а затем прокатился я по ней!


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