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Kris Kross f Redman

  • Live and Die For Hip-Hop CD-5

    Kris Kross Redman remix (Redman) No one can do this better than me Uh rock on (Redman) Funk Docta Spock Feel me I got your block on lock Redman in the house one time Tear the house down two or three times Who got...

Turdus Musicus

  • Gutan med stil (Hey ya TIL)

    Hey, folkens! Hшr no hжr!
    TIL rocke ligaen/ alle andre: ned pе knжr!
    TIL kjшre hardt spelle teknisk briljant,
    Han Morten Krжmer raportere/”Gutan vainnt!”
    Rein dominans/ med Hшgmo sin eminente sans fшrr detalja,
    Og ...

Fat Joe f Youngn` Restless

  • C2G

    Its the illness going on Yo Shatek hit me Y-Young Youngn` Restless Joe Crack Strong Armin`, T.S Patterson, B-X Hold UP! [Chorus] Boy, look what you done started now Ain`t no stopping this or calming it down Don`t let me catch one of you fools out of p...

Ton Steine Scherben

  • Feierabend

    acht stunden arbeit sind vorbei
    es sieht fast so aus als wдrst du frei
    kannst dich voll laufen lassen und ins kino gehn
    und du kannst dein geld im puff ausgeben
    es ist feierabend und die arbeit ist vorbei
    rьck den k...

Juan Gotti

  • Fear No Evil

    (Juan Gotti talking) What`s some matter wit`chu? You think I`m fucking crazy? (2x) Vivir for la Raza (Juan Gotti) Homeboy, get your head right.


  • Humanoid

    Semi-human semi-steel cannot think cannot feel Twisted mess a tortured soul Mutant brain a does not lie recording fear in your eyes Future shock from the past It`s coming for you it`s waiting for you It`s hiding on you don`t want...

Funkmaster Flex f Drag-On

  • Call Me Drag-On

    [Funk Flex] Ah this shit is ugly right here Be clear baby! Drag-On, Ruff Ryders Shout out to Uncle Ray New York City are you fuckin ready?!! [Drag-On] We gon smoke trees like them legalize it Here`s a pipe quick, pinch a inch or die quick Seen? Long ...

Thirsty Merc

  • When The Weather Is Fine

    It`s been so long
    Since I have heard your voice.
    I`d like to talk
    But I might not have the choice.

    You turned off your phone.
    I guess you need some time away.
    I wish you could hear me say


Ol` Dirty Bastard f Master Fool

  • Last Call

    [Ol` Dirty Bastard] This recordin is Dirty and it`s Stinkin Funkier than Peppi Le Pew so I was thinkin, about droppin this single on the charts, lettin ya know hey, the kid has heart, I never deny myself as being dope, but in my last jam, niggaz slept ...

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