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Patrulla 81

  • Ya No Puedo Olvidarte

    Dice la gente
    que con el tiempo todo termina
    que con el tiempo y otras caricias
    sana una herida

    dicen que todo cuanto tenemos
    un dia se acaba
    las ilusiones como las nubes
    van de pasada

Venditti Antonello

  • A Que Juego Juegas

    (Music & lyrics: A. Venditti Spanish version: I. Ballesteros) Entre tierra y cielo con el alba el dia llegara, entre sol y luna, de nosotros dos, quien vencera? La chispa roja se prendio en tus ojos con la esperanza clara que hay ...

Precious Wilson

  • We are On the Race Track

    How bright are the fires of thought
    In a chain of command
    How bright is the medical torch
    When it`s put in our hand
    My microbes and I
    Can`t wait to lay down and die
    We realise that we must be spent
    Like ...

Xzibit f Ras Kass, Saafir (Golden State

  • Harder

    Ah, I don`t wanna hear shit Get off ya motherfucking ass It`s right now, right now, right here And we bringing it to you live, COME ON! Golden state, what...

  • Likaiset Legendat 3

    Kuka hдn on tuntematon
    Joka olen ollut kerran
    Joka sanoin ettei koskaan paikallensa jдд
    Olenko hдn vai vдhemmдn
    Sen voinko myцntдд
    Niin aivan liikaa lдpi sormien hдviдд

    Ja nyt saavun tдnne taas

Z-Ro f O-N-E, Mr. Drastic

  • Keep Runnin

    [Z-Ro] I pledge allegiance, to getting my cash on Either ligalo with a glock, and my mask on I gotta go get it, cause I got an appetite Down to run up in your residence, and blast on sight It`s for the paper it`s for the bread, it`s for the feddy Seven...

Fat Pat f Big Steve

  • Body Roc

    [Intro] They done done the wrong thing, and leave us two alone Leave us with the pen and paper, make a drastic song We party all night long, we party all night long Cause it just don`t stop, until the break of dawn Body rock, body rock (bou-bounce to ...


  • Best Friend

    best friend lie to me call me your best friend sell me out make me a fool right or wrong i tried my best just to stay so true acting so cool call it denial or blindness you don`t treat your friends like this cuz you`re lyin (oh ye...

Jay-Z f Serena Altschul

  • Dope Man

    {*sound of a camera taking a picture*} [Jay] Millenium flow [MTV] Serena Altschul`s here live outside the criminal courthouse [Jay] This is {bullshit} y`all [MTV] in New York City for the first day in the trial of [Jay] I`m gone {*car speeds off*} [M...

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